More about Mike!

Today Mike met with the GI from the hospital.  We both liked this man when Mike was in the hospital and we like him still.  He told Mike that he saw no signs of reflux in the first endoscopy.  Poof!  Mike is back to regular food and activity with some moderation.  Moderation is what Mike does best! (Thank goodness it’s not me, I absolutely suck at moderation.)
The doctor told Mike he thinks it’s a structural thing with his esophagus (makes sense with his history).  He wants to let the recent tear heal and at the end of April, he’ll do another endoscopy and a biopsy to make sure his theory is correct.  If it is correct, the doctor seems confident that he can treat it with steroids on a yearly or bi-yearly basis.  Cross your fingers this doctor is right.  
As long as you’re crossing your fingers, cross them and your toes and say a prayer and whatever that Mike does not get a stomach virus or another bad cough between now and late April.  The doctor did give us an rx for phenergren (sp?) should he feel remotely nauseous and he told Mike to call immediately if he gets a cough.  It’s only 8-9 weeks, right? I know it’s going to be fine.  Right?  It is.  I know it.

3 thoughts on “More about Mike!

  1. It IS going to be fine. So glad to hear you have a doctor you like instead of the dipshirt you had earlier… (((hugs))) to all of you.

  2. I don't know if I've mentioned here before, but we have a looooooong and complicated history with esophogial complications here: Barrott's, multiple surgeries, multiple pu probes, endoscopy with biopsy twice a year, and sooooooo much more that's too lengthy to type out here.

    All that is to say, having an INCREDIBLE GI that you love and trust, and who has an understanding nursing staff, and is able to be reached for after-hours for emergencies . . . It's SO important.

    I'm glad the GI sounds amazing and helpful. I hope Mike gets MUCH better VERY soon.


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