Happy New Year!

I feel like I’m finally starting the new year . . .for real and for good.  The very beginning of the new year was pathetic and sad and sick and expensive.  
In the meantime, I have some pictures of things I have been doing besides obsessing over what Mike is eating and who is coughing up what and all of that.  I have more to show you, but it’s going to have to wait.  This catching up is slow going!
Yikes!  The garden.  Talk about neglected. We may need to rent a tractor to clear it out for the spring garden.  But, I managed to get out to get the last of the carrots.  (Anyone need carrots?)  
Shortly before Mike got sick, I got sick of the tropical flowers I had all over the little area where I do laundry.  I searched for a picture of the before, but I’m human and I gave up.  My new mural is bathing suits on a clothesline.  I used real rope and string and whatever for the details.  I kind of love it.  I added some Goodwill beach hats over the washing machine and made an area to hang my beach bags.  Yes, I’m weird and I have this much time lately.  
I hate what Mike and the boys watch on tv mostly, so I have come to like the garage and my audiobooks and the clean underpants.  Go figure.  Next up? The porch mural.  I think. I’m kind of nostalgic about that one.  I’ll post a picture before/if I decide to paint over it.
Finally, for a person who likes to be in control, when things get out of control (e.g. Mike) and you’ve already organized your house top to bottom, you have to get creative when seeking outlets.  I chose the rack of the boys’ t-shirts. (Note:  Our kids’ rooms are SMALL 9 x10 is close to the size. And there are two of them to a room.  We did not have room for dressers and we needed the room closets for storage of all the boy stuff.  We put inexpensive kitchen cabinets in the garage, near where I do laundry and Mike hung a large rack for the boys’ shirts.  It’s worked great.)  The shirts were a mess.  There were shirts that have not fit anyone living here since they were about 7.  Woohoo – a project for the sleepless and stressed out control freak!  This picture is the result (I know, it sounds more glamorous than it is – boys, at least my boys, tend to wear few colors.)  The t-shirts (which is what they wear 90% of the time) are arranged in a beautiful ROY G BIV array.  To the right of those are the long sleeved shirts that are rarely worn.  Yes, it’s kind of nuts, but it made me very happy and it’s still making me happy, so it’s all good, right?
Things are getting back on track here.  Not a terribly exciting update, but it’s all I’ve got for now. 

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