Spring Break!

It’s Spring Break for Dan, Tim and Ian. Dan is home and it’s been so much fun! We haven’t done much, but just sitting up late with the boys talking and re-watching 24 with Andy has been a blast.  My mom, dad and brother came for dinner Sunday night.  My mom and I both agree, family get togethers without decorations and/or gifts are way more relaxed.  
Tim and Ian have been working a lot.  Dan has been sleeping and interviewing for summer internships (we even spent some time bonding when we bought him a suit over the weekend – suit, shoes, belt, shirt, tie at the mall in under 40 minutes!).  Andy has been trying hard to focus on school — okay, not really, I’ve been trying to keep him focused.  As of today we’re down to math and Latin and I’m calling it good. 
I love seeing how much fun all the brothers have together. And, like when they were little, I am amazed at how much fun they can have doing NOTHING.  The older boys include Andy without me having to say a word. In fact, I had to stop them from taking him to an R rated movie over the weekend. Still, I think the fact that the boys are so close is one of the HUGE benefits of homeschooling. (Next week, all of Andy’s friends have their Spring Break.  He’s on alert that he’ll be doing at least half-days through this break.)
Dan leaves on Thursday to go camping for a few days before heading back to Tallahassee.  We’re going to miss him.  
I’ve been sore confused during this break.  No one needs me.  That’s not to say they don’t love me or include me, but after years and years of busy, busy, busy, I’m not sure what to do with myself.  Weird.  Funny, though, there’s always laundry!  😉

One thought on “Spring Break!

  1. When I used to pack for breaks I packed like two clean outfits and the rest was all dirty laundry.

    There is *always laundry…ugh no kidding.

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