Vote daily and often!

Expenses are tight here as I am sure they are for most of you.  Dan has done a tremendous job this year of working 25-30 hours per week while handling a full sophomore (as a freshman) load of school work.  Next year (still waiting to hear about the Naval ROTC scholarship) he will not be able to work as much and handle the course load.  But, being Dan, he found a solution.  A contest. 
An apartment-finding company in Tallahassee is sponsoring a contest looking for the “best” roommate in Tallahassee.  Dan made a video (with the help of his brothers).  The video is HERE.  Just click on the word here. Scroll down about 1/2 of a page and you can see Dan and his video.  It’s kind of funny.  If you’re so inclined, please vote for him.  AND share this with your friends, family, relatives who constantly send you stoopid email forwards and anyone else you can think of.  And, yes, you can VOTE DAILY from as many e-mail addresses as you have.  

The contest doesn’t last too long and this would be a HUGE savings for us – so bear with me if I re-post every couple of days or so. 

6 thoughts on “Vote daily and often!

  1. we just voted 6 times. I have two accounts and all four of the kids voted (my son said “He was homeschooled? He's cool! ;))

  2. fear not, it's my first thing in the morning thing 🙂 and I let my (small but vote-y) homeschool group know. I mentioned it on ravelry in a homeschool group and will remind them they can vote each day.

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