In a mood – and PLEASE vote for Dan!

Dan called this evening to tell me he did not get the NROTC scholarship. I’m bummed for him and kind of ticked off.  When Dan did not make the Naval Academy, THEY called him and arranged a special interview for him in the spring (at our expense, of course).  They assured him he had this thing and that if he kept up with the paperwork and did well his first semester (Dean’s List?) he’d be good.  And now, a no.  
I’m torn.  This is not the end of the world.  But, I’m a little mad.  Why drag Dan through all of this?  Why boost his hopes? And, the mean part of me wonders how many upcoming freshman they accepted who could have reached the level the Navy is looking for without their parents doing LOTS on their behalf ? You’d think that me, as a homeschooling parent would be on board with this.  But, I am not.  The whole point of us homeschooling was to have the kids learn to think and learn on their own.  I have boxes and boxes of old schoolwork to document Danny’s progression.  Never once have I sent a pleading letter to a teacher. Never once have I stepped in to “help” write an essay or a research paper or make a science project “better”.  But, from what I’m seeing around me, I’m in the minority.  
I’m sure this sounds like sour grapes and maybe it is. In my biased opinion, the Navy lost here.  I hope the young people they did select are young people that are capable of thinking and functioning without their parents at their side every minute of the day.  The Navy’s standards are so high – I’m curious.  I guess I wonder this because I seem to be surrounded by people who are micromanaging their kids’ lives in every and all directions and at every age.  This is all fine and good until that poor kid is on his own.  Mike and I have worked hard in the opposite direction – slowly letting the kids make their own decisions and managing their own work.  In the long run, I think this will serve them well.  I was just hoping it would work out with this NROTC thing. 
Shaking myself off like a wet dog —- okay, we move to Plan B.  Does anyone remember me giving them the blueprints to plan B?  If you have them, please send them to me ASAP.  
In the meantime, go ahead and take a minute to vote for Dan.  Up until now this was kind of a fun exercise – now it’s kind of critical. VOTE HEERE!!!!!! EACH AND EVERY DAY!!!!!
OK – I’m going to go make bread – the kneading will give me a chance to think and work through this.

2 thoughts on “In a mood – and PLEASE vote for Dan!

  1. So very sorry! Lots of hugs and extra votes!!! I shared the link on ravelry (a huge knitting site full of patterns and forums and such if you're looking for a new time suck. I'm weaver on there if you do join, feel free to friend me). I posted on a huge group on there and know that he got at least 26 more votes already. I'll keep posting on there in hopes of more people voting.

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