Allergies +6 . . . Beach . . . I lose

Sorry to disappear.

First off, thank you SO MUCH to everyone who voted for Dan in the apartment contest.  He ended up in second place – ONE SEMESTER of free rent/utilities/cable/wifi and they handed him an envelope with $250 cash as well.  Dan went and toured a few of the apartment complexes he had to choose from this afternoon and he thinks he’s found a good match that we’ll be able to afford for the second semester.  YAY Dan!!!! I love that he took the initiative to make a video and push it so hard.  Savings to us?  Between $3000 and $4000!!!!!  HUGE! THANK YOU!!!!!!  In the future, I am here for you if your child/or you enter a similar contest – I will vote with every email I can create EVERY DAY!

In other news, this is BY FAR the worst allergy season we have ever had in Florida – well, since I arrived in 1986 (I think I’m reading my stone tablet journal dates correctly).  I have spent the past week wanting to sleep 24 hours a day. When I wasn’t wanting to sleep or actually sleeping, I was wanting to gouge out my eyes which feel like they are constantly being poked with a dagger from behind and little pins from the front.  And, that’s WITH the Allegra.  I managed to get Andy on track with school and that was about it – the child can conjugate and decline in Latin in his sleep.  
I am currently drowning in a sea of laundry and general mess around the house.  I have hope, it just started raining outside – please let it continue for a day or so.  And, while I want it to rain, I’m worried about my summer garden. I know if I ask Mike to clear out the winter garden, he would do it gladly (he has no allergies) – he’s tired of taking things easy since being in the hospital and this fits the bill, no heavy lifting.  But, somehow that feels like cheating – I’ve always liked being able to do (just about) all of it myself.  I think I’m going to have to cheat, though, if we want tomatoes and peppers and beans through June.  And I really want the tomatoes.
Today, Andy, Tim, Ian, Bing, Tim’s friend Chris and I went to the beach.  It was kind of a speed trip as Tim had a class this morning that did not let out until noon, but AHHHHH.  The boys spent the bulk of their time in the water – a bitter 72 degrees.
Bing and I are certified wimps, we’ll venture into the ocean when the temperature passes 80 or so. Still, we were not useless, we were excellent guardians of the brownies and potato chips.  
As always, I love hanging out with my mom – she’s the best. As always, we talked about how much more fun it would be if my sister lived in town as well – she’s an advanced guarder-of-the-brownies among her other useful skills. I love that the older boys include Andy without being jerks about it or without me having to ask them to include him.  And, I really love being able to breathe and see and breathe at the ocean.  It was so strange on the way home – the closer we got to our house, the more coughing and sneezing you heard.  
Anyway, I am happy to report that the east coast of Florida is awesome and pollen free.  I am looking forward to many more beach-Fridays.  Even Andy said he doesn’t mind doubling up some of his schoolwork throughout the week so we can take these trips.  AHHHHHHHH.  
(Note: Banana Tropic?? spray on sunscreen is great – do NOT use it on your face unless you spray it on your hands and then rub it in.  Ask me how I know!!!!!! Just wait and ask me until I can fully open my eyes and see what you’re asking me.)
Final news note:  We have a new Walmart (just for you Zelda).  I ran in really quickly the other afternoon – it’s pretty and spacious and though the parking lot was nearly full, I did not see ONE person wearing pajamas, beating and/or cursing at their child AND every cashier/employee I encountered could, if you switched their blue/yellow for black/red, work for Target.  That’s right – we now have a fancy-shmancy Walmart close to our house.  
Yes, the wonders of my exciting life never cease.  Stay tuned …

7 thoughts on “Allergies +6 . . . Beach . . . I lose

  1. So happy the apartment contest thing worked out so well, but man, I feel sorry for the kids who got so few votes… but I voted for Dan every day. 🙂

    So sorry about the allergies. 😦

  2. Thanks, Ami – how's the pollen up where you are? Can I come live with you?

    The apartment thing? Dan (and I) worked hard for each and every vote he got – I think some of the low vote kids were simply hoping no one else knew about the contest.

    It's fascinating to me how something like this can grow so large – I remember the day Dan made the video and we thought it would be amazing if he got 500 votes. Go figure.

    Let me know when my room is ready – I'm all packed.

  3. YEAH!! Sorry I was late to the party, it was a CRAZY couple of weeks here…

    I so want orders to Florida, and while I am at it, can I put in an order for my very own Bing?

    Christopher and Noah are good about including Peyton.. So much so, they taught him to ParKor, and he flipped right off the sofa. Knocking himself and his teeth out in the process..

    Thank goodness for now Ian is home…

  4. Maybe you should lace the brownies with Zyrtec. Or with…? Nah, then you'd be spraying sunscreen randomly and wondering if there were tiny galaxies in the mist. ;o)

    Wish Dan had taken first, but 4k is (wait for it) nothing to sneeze at! Hugs to ya'!

  5. Yay for one free semester!!!! I got up this morning and grabbed my list of emails before I remembered that the contest was over 🙂 what will I do with all my extra time in the morning???

    Boo for allergies!!! In the last ten years, I've been getting struck with the dreaded spring and fall allergies. Two years ago, we moved to Connecticut and now it's darn near year round (especially this warm winter). I'm guessing it must be the mold. Then, to make the season even more fun, a few days ago my eyes and ears started swelling and itching. This morning we finally realized that the swelling started the day that the landscapers came with new mulch for the whole apartment complex. I think it's going to be a long, long allergy season.

  6. Sabrina!!!! Please tell me they were his baby teeth? Andy knocked his front teeth out when he was 3. Now he has some big honking shining adult front teeth!

    LOL Elizabeth!!!!! I so want your brownie recipe. (I'm going to ignore the sneeze joke.)

    Weaver – thanks so much for voting – we are kind of at a loss with what to do with our “voting time” too. I'm like you! I NEVER had allergies until I hit my 30's. Gah! Have you tried rinsing your ears with hydrogen peroxide? Sounds nuts, but it makes a big difference for me and Ian. That, the neti pot and the saline nose spray in the shower. I guess, if nothing else we can share our misery together – that's something, right?

  7. hydrogen peroxide definitely helps. My ear canal always gets itchy, it's how I know that I need an allergy tab. That said, this time it was my entire ear swelling and my eyes were half closed. And the itching!!! I woke myself up during the night with the blanket over my hand scrubbing my poor ear. Of course, now I look like a snake shedding its skin but if I lotion any more I'll look like I should be the before pic on a commercial for pro active. We won't talk about the moustache or beard. Ugh, getting old is not fun.

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