I’m considering converting our entire yard and garden to plastic. This pollen is absolutely unbelievable! I have never experienced itchy eyes, ears, throat AND skin all day for days and days on end.  The thought came to me yesterday as I putting in tomato and pepper plants.  (Mike is my hero – he pulled out the remnants of the winter garden!!!) Why not?  There’s a lady in a house I pass often on my way out of our town whose yard is full of plastic flowers and plants.  She even water them.  She never looks itchy.  It’s something I am seriously considering.  
In the meantime, here are some pictures of progress so far.  Aren’t the daisies pretty?  I’m planning to get more for the front of the house.  I got a test pot of them to see if Cally would eat them – so far so good.
The fennel is the last thing around from the summer garden.  I am not a huge fan, but I like the smell.  Mike and the kids have been doing all kinds of weird stuff with it.  It’s nice to have something so big and fluffy in the garden while I wait for everything else to grow.
The start of the spring garden!  The fennel and the herbs are left from the fall.  In the back are a bunch of peppers and tomatoes that I planted yesterday before falling dead from the pollen.  I’m so excited!  
I’m trying to plant one thing each day this week.  I think I can handle the pollen for that long.  I don’t want to wait much longer or it’s going to be too hot for anything to take hold.
The quilt from hell before I basted the layers together.  This thing just keeps getting bigger and heavier.  I may end up using it as a cover for the suburban.  I had to baste it in the driveway because there was no place big enough in the house to do it.  My quilt frame couldn’t handle it.  Mike is making me a new frame and for now I’m quilting without a frame.  It’s like sitting under the lead blankets they give you before an x-ray.  Really fun.

Finally, here is Cally – the princess.  Scout would die before getting on a piece of furniture.  She never wanted anything but the floor. Cally?  The minute someone sits down, she hops up and makes herself as comfortable as possible.  Fortunately, the boys don’t mind.

Stay tuned for news of our plastic yard.  I think our mean neighbor is going to love it. 

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