I am done with this pollen.  I know I’m not alone.  I keep meeting people that swear they do not have allergies who have red swollen eyes and a nasty tubercular cough – just like me. I am so tired of feeling bad and it’s making me mean and I’m usually not that mean (I’m kind of mean, but not like this).  Ask Mike and the kids, I’ve been mean all week.  The only time I feel human is in the shower and how many showers can a person take in one day? 
Feeling rotten day-in and day-out affects other things. Nothing is getting done around here.  All I want to do is sleep. I don’t sleep all day, but I sure would if I thought I could get away with it. I look at all the boys and think, homeschooling? What was I thinking?  Never mind that they’re all doing fine.  Never mind that I did not leave a beloved career to do this. I just don’t feel like studying math or Latin or History. At this point the Teletubbies would be a stretch.
I look in the mirror and see all the wrinkles.  How did this happen? How did I become this old so quickly? Normally, I’m okay with how I look. The red eyes and the general puffiness is not working for me right now. I feel like I should have a mini photo album to carry around to show people “What I’ve Been Doing These Past 20 Years.”  (Hah!  Wouldn’t you love to be stuck next to me in a doctor’s office with my little flip-book, my stuffed up nose and my nasty cough?  “Dis is me pulling Ian’s head out of da diaper genie – hack, hack, hack – blow nose – idn’t he fuddy?” )
I’m more than a little freaked out by Tim’s current search for a car.  A car for Tim.  He has saved and saved and saved and he has enough to buy a ’round-the-town kind of car.  For some reason this is freaking me out more than the boys turning 18 or shaving or letting their voices change.  Rational on my part? Nope.  But, waaahhhhh!!!!!!
Thus far, the highlight of my week has been the discovery of eSalon.  Google this site to get a coupon for a $4.95 trial.  I did the trial and received my box of custom hair color this afternoon.  The color bottle even has my name and the date it was made right on it.  I’m curious to use it.  The instructions are a bit different than what you get in a box of L’Oreal. Wonder if it makes a difference? I will try it this weekend and report back. They have you answer a series of questions about you and your hair and you can even submit a picture with notes. The site has had great reviews from all over.  I’m hoping it’s a perfect compromise between grocery store hair color and pricey salon coloring – I’ve never really done highlights or anything like that so I don’t know if that’s a solution for those of you that do.  I’ll keep you posted. 

Okay – I can safely take more aspirin and go to bed.  I will be back to whine later.  Or maybe not – it could rain, right? Rain would help.

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