Cars are fun!

This semester, it’s really rare that Andy and I get to go do anything fun or interesting.  It’s not that we don’t want to do fun and interesting things, it’s just that we’re sharing a car with Ian and Tim who have a ***errrrrrr*** challenging set of schedules and then two separate work schedules.  And, in less than a month, Dan will join in on the fun for this summer.
Today, however, we had Mike’s truck.  Just me and Andy, a bag of goldfish and the open road.  Woohoo!!!  We finally managed to meet up with Andy’s godmother and her kids.  We’ve been trying to get together for months and months.  We met at the the Brevard Zoo.  Ann’s daughter and her friend (both 13) took off to explore the zoo on their own.  Andy, Ann, David and I set off for the Treetop Trek (see link).  We opted for the middle version – the 25 ft off the ground trek.  

I will rarely spend $25/person for an activity, but this activity was actually worth the price and maybe even more.  I do not remember the last time I had so much FUN.  And, tomorrow morning, I will be saying I don’t remember the last time I was this sore all over.  We climbed, we stretched, we used clips, we handled a couple of truly odd kids in our group, we walked a tightline and also zipped down some zip lines!  Honestly? It was the best $50 I have spent in years.  Andy and I had a blast.  Andy and David left Ann and me in the dust after we climbed the first ladder.  Ann and I laughed and cringed and laughed some more.  Ann is tall.  I am not.  We both found some challenges.  I didn’t have as much trouble ducking under cables as she did.  She, however, did not often have to jump onto an “obstacle/bridge” because her legs were long enough.  

After an hour and 15 or so minutes, Ann and I were done.  Andy and David were ready to go on to the 40′ high trek – with an additional 10 zip lines and something like a million extra scary bridges.  Bummer that neither of them had the age or the money needed to continue without a parent.  Someday, though, we’ll go back and meet that 40′ challenge.  
If you’re ever in Orlando for Disney or whatever, consider a visit to the Brevard Zoo (about 90 minutes from Disney) – the zoo itself is great and the Treetop Trek is VERY VERY fun. (And if you make a day of it, you can drive on down to Sebastian Inlet for a picnic lunch and maybe get to swim with a manatee or head to the beach-side and watch the surfers. No . . . I do not work for Brevard County, but I could.)  Below are some lightly captioned pictures.

Handsome Andy considering all he’s missed in life before his first zip line ride.  Ahhhh the time wasted on naps when he was 3 or learning to ride a 2-wheeler . . . Luckily he survived and has a new outlook on how to spend his time.  (Yeah, right.)

This gives you an idea of how high up we were and how beautiful and green (and we were near the beach so it was nearly pollen free).  Andy was ready to “zip” and you can tell by his face that he was annoyed when I yelled from a platform away for him to look at me for a picture.  The horror of being the forth child.

The “jungle” doesn’t care if you are tall, gorgeous, smart and talented (like Ann) — you still have to squeeze under that cable.  

This is near the end of the course.  Ann and I saw this bridge and kind of lost our sense of humor.  No, we did not kind of lose our sense of humor – we really did lose it.  But, to face the humiliation of the old man zoo volunteer coming to rescue us with the extension ladder was far, far worse than this.
And, we made it across the x/o bridge thinking we were all smart and athletic and stuff only to be confronted with this Wallenda-monstrosity!    Of course, our kids had only minutes before run across this tightrope without a thought.  Ann and I took a moment to weep before we got angry and marched (ok – we sort of groveled our way) across the tight rope.    There was one more horrible bridge to cross – no picture, I was sure I was dying of thirst by then.  (I think, if you find yourself in a “Lost” kind of scenario, you don’t want me with you until the finale.)

Here I am about to go on the very fun, very fast, end-of-the-line zip line.  (And once again, why I don’t like having my picture taken – Andy convinced me to toss the camera down to him – LOL).  It was a great ride and I’m looking forward to going with the older boys and Andy and David (Ann volunteered to bring Gatorade and watch our bags – but I think in the end, she’ll join us!). 

2 thoughts on “Cars are fun!

  1. I had someone asking the other day if I had been to this activity. Sean sure would like it. Alexander would be holding the gatorade with Ann. What is the minimum age and height do you know?

  2. The little kids one is for 36″-60″ – I think Sean would get a kick out of it. The other two courses have a minimum height of 54″. There are no ages posted, but kids 12 and under need a parent on the course.

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