Happy Easter Monday?

I feel like time is just flying by here and I never get a chance to catch my breath or to sit down and write these days!  
Although, even when I think about it, there’s not much to write.  We’re pretty boring lately.  I will say, for those of you who read news sites on a regular basis, I have been in Sanford at least three times over the past four days and there are NO nazis running around.  In fact, it’s just like regular old Sanford where I’ve always shopped and where I have never felt threatened.  I think most people are just living their lives and trying to do their best like we all do.  That’s all.  It’s rare that I live so close to something always in the news and I thought I’d toss out my own report – all seems normal.  I hope it stays that way. 
Hope everyone had a nice Passover, Easter or just a nice a weekend.  We did.  We’re lucky to live in Florida.  Yesterday, the neighbors opened up their pool and we all brought snacks and children willing to dive into frigid water.  The dads and at least one grandma sat inside and watched the Masters.  The moms took to lounge chairs with snuggies, sweatshirts and odd sock combinations while the kids turned bluer and bluer.  Believe it or not everyone had fun.  
We got home and started to get ready for our Easter beach day while waiting for Ian and Tim to get home from work so we could dye eggs.  Mike and Andy got the table ready for dying the eggs while I stuck a ham in the oven and started some soup for Sunday night dinner.  We all missed having Danny here.  I keep encouraging Ian and Tim to dig a basement for themselves and stay forever, but they don’t seem that interested.  :::sigh:::: I guess I will continue to cling to Andy and never let HIM grow up.  I see my mistakes in the past – encouraging independence and all of that.  Not for my widdle Andy.  Mike thinks my plan is stoopid, but what does he know?
After the boys went to bed, I continued with my delusional making and hiding of the Easter Baskets (while watching The Godfather! Don’t know why, but I always watch The Godfather on Easter Eve.  Charming, I know.)  Yes, I hid the boys’ Easter baskets and, I’m not nuts.  They were all funny when they got up (not at 5 am, but staggered between 9 and 11 am) and had to search.  No one ever really grows up and I’m not going to encourage it too much.  It’s worked for me so far.  
Mike, up early, early, early per usual, tried a new recipe for poached eggs this morning.  He enjoyed his.  He cooked two for me and stuck them in the fridge for me to reheat when I finally crawled out of bed.  I missed them this morning in our rush to get to the ocean where there is no pollen.  When we got home, I did not have the heart to tell Mike they looked like some kind of mutant oysters – and, I am thinking of oysters that aren’t really oysters but something you might get in cattle country.  ::::GAG::::  The dogs enjoyed them, though.  
We went to the beach.  Ahhhh . . . It was only about 76 today (which I am sure sounds tropical to many of you, but if you live in Florida, this is nearly hot chocolate weather). No matter, I can always breathe at the beach – my nose is clear, I have no cough, it’s just the best feeling in the world.  Mike and the boys spent the whole day in the frigid water.  Me?  I had my book, my jeans and my t-shirt to start. (ugh!  Have any of you read The Glass Castle?  My neighbor gave me her library copy yesterday and that is what I read today.  I’m still not sure what I think.  My overall impression is that it’s like an American version of Angela’s Ashes, but fewer people die.) Isn’t Mike handsome – even if he is wearing his rocket-nerd shirt?
The longer I sat there in the ocean breeze, the colder I got. I broke down and got my huge sweatshirt out of the car. So there I sat, like a big freak amongst all the Canadians in bikinis and my own polar bear family, in my sweatshirt, jeans and wishing I had socks.  Guess who came home with the worst sunburn?  Yep.  My face and my neck are lobster red – I used sunscreen 3 x’s, but I’m thinking it might be old sunscreen.  It’s only a matter of years until I look like a piece of human jerky.  

(I’m stealing pictures from Tim’s camera because I’m lazy and he’s a much better photographer!)

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