Boredom . . . never admit to it!

After all of these years, you’d think I would learn to keep it to myself when I am feeling restless, unchallenged and bored.  But, I never do.  After a week or so of basking in my blah, I FINALLY had a whole set of projects lined up and things to do and all of that.  I also asked Mike if he would mind scraping the grout out of the tub in the boys’ bathroom (been meaning to ask that forever) as it was gross and the sound of a razor blade on the ceramic makes my skin crawl.  
And, I went off on my merry way scouting for useful things for my useless projects and to pick up some new grout.  I came home to find Mike looking “not happy.”  I should have asked him about the grout way back in forever-ago.  The drywall and some of the wood behind the shower/tub is moldy (no wonder I couldn’t keep that stupid area clean) so it’s all got to come out.  :::sigh:::: 
Until we get it all fixed, we will all be sharing the same 5 x 8 bathroom off of our bedroom.  Yay.  Dan will be home in  1 1/2 weeks.  Double Yay – an extra person. ; ) Honestly? I am just happy we live in a house with two bathrooms!!!!  
As we’re tearing out the old, I’m considering the new. There is NO budget. We cannot replace the nasty old tub so we’re going to work around it.  I loved this idea (picture, left).  We won’t be that cool – no track lights or candles in the shower, but it’s kind of fun.  Makes me think of going with a mostly black and white bathroom, a pendant light over the sink (industrial-ish) and bright colors in the towels and stuff.  Now, what to write in the shower? Any ideas?  We’re working with a much smaller (probably 1/2) area.  Any other ideas – preferably cheap ones as we had not planned on this AT ALL.
And, because I’m here and too tired to make a new post, here are some cute pictures from this past weekend that I do not want to lose:
While I sometimes hate my house and wish for more space and fancier whatevers, I do like our neighborhood.  I love that the kids congregate outside and figure out ways to entertain themselves without adults and in a way that includes even the youngest of them.  This is not all the kids, but a typical scene.  (The sad, colorless house in the background belongs to our mean neighbor.  I am currently fighting the urge to go sprinkle wildflower seeds over her lawn.  Just some color, please?) 
 More of the same.  The kids are playing in front of our house now.  Behind them is what we call “the island” that separates the two sides of the road.
Gee?  Think they’re related?
Andy and Tim look more like twins than Tim and his twin, Ian, do!  And, strangely, Ian and Danny look more alike.  Go figure. (I’m not sure what’s up with Mike’s eye in this picture.) 

No matter what side of the family the boys landed on, they did not stand a chance in the nose department, though!  😉 

One thought on “Boredom . . . never admit to it!

  1. Our saying to our boys as we send them off to shower is…

    “…and use soap”…because, you know, it doesn't occur to them to use it otherwise.

    And for Sean specifically…”more than 20 seconds or all your stinky parts don't even really get wet” (which I know will change in a few years to…”less than 40 minutes or you pay the water bill”) Somewhere in the middle there is a happy 10-15 minute shower.

    Okay take a picture with Andy and Ian…I think they look alike too (but in a different way than Andy and Tim look alike). That is the same way with my boys…when they are with my brother's kids they look so much alike and then when they are with Jay's sister's kids they all look like a pack of brothers (well if you don't look at height and only look at faces). And Ian looks like a mini-Mike for SURE. That one time at Holly Lobby I could barely talk to Ian because I was just shocked at how much he looked like a young Mike.

    I love that shower! I might pin it to my pinterest board.

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