How has it been six days????

I last posted about the demise of our bathroom. It sure doesn’t feel like so much time has passed, but . . . 
Mike, Tim, Ian and Andy (and even a few of Andy’s friends who really wanted him to finish his bathroom chores so he could ride bikes) have been working diligently.  By Saturday, most of the old drywall was torn out, all the fixtures (‘cept the nasty tub) were removed and Mike started the dry-walling.  Woo-hoo.  He and the boys tried to convince  me to go with an “open concept” bathroom.  (see picture)  One, I must watch WAY too much HGTV if they all even know what “open concept” is and two, HELL NO.  
I don’t have new pictures, but the discussion ended shortly after I shrieked “HELL NO.”  The drywall is up and Mike is putting the finishing touches on the seams and the tape and whatever else.  Then, it becomes my problem.  At least it’s easy to pick out primer.  I think I have a greenish-bluish paint for the walls.  Still thinking on the tile and debating if we can maybe afford glass shower doors.  While I think, I’ve been painting the base of our old sink, the medicine cabinet that hung over the toilet and an old light fixture shiny, shiny black.  WOW – they look really great.  Much more upscale than we could have afforded to buy.  I think the effort was worth the spray-paint-headache!  (We’ll see.)  
In other news, I went into the FAFSA (national financial aid database) to put in the boys’ information and our information.  Apparently, they are linked with our insurance companies (past and present) who are baffled when you enter information about twins.  Honestly?  Twins are that uncommon?  Go to the grocery store, you’ll find at least one set of twins.  I kept getting error messages about having too many kids in college.  Well, duh.  Finally worked through it, I think.  Now we have to see what each school offers and figure out if we can avoid student loans.  Ugh . . . the whole college thing makes my head explode.  
For Danny, right now, college makes sense.  He KNOWS what he wants to do and he is far ahead in his pursuit of doing it.  (engineering)  Ian and Tim are still “iffy” on what they want to do.  I do not want to push them into a four year school only to have them switch majors three or four times.  
For now the plan is for Ian and Tim to finish up their AA’s at the community college (now a ‘state’ college – go figure) they’ve been attending.  They both need another semester and possibly an extra class or two after.  Maybe then we can figure it all out.
Until then, I find myself reading articles like “Why Skipping College Was One of the Best Decisions of My Life” and Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse and other “hot” college courses and Tuning In to Dropping Out and Today’s college degree is the equivalent of the 1950’s high school diploma.   I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.  Obviously, for the student focused on engineering, math or science, college makes sense.  I am wondering about the rest, though. 

And . . . for those of you who have made it all the way through my weird update . . . this is my 1700th post!

2 thoughts on “How has it been six days????

  1. Hey I love the property brothers….and they are twins. Ian could sell the properties and Tim could remodel them…he has experience with the bathroom.

    Hey about the twin thing…don't you wish that one had been born one day at 11:55 and the other the next day at 12:02?

    You should start a petition making companies aware of the twin/multiple problem with forms…maybe Kate of Kate plus 8 could be your national spokesperson.

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