Arggh . . .

Once again, I’ve been gone.  Why? It’s a combination of allergies and the bathroom from hell.  Between me and Mike, there is simply not enough time in the day to get this bathroom together.  The pollen has not helped one little bit.  It makes me mean and grumpy and sleepy.  And that’s with the good drugs.  What in the world did people do before allergy medicine?  I am fairly certain that I would have had Mike kill me by now.  
I found a great blue color for the bathroom.  (This picture does not do the color justice.  Though, the longer it’s up on the walls, the more I’m getting a retro Howard Johnson vibe and an urge to buy lots of huge fluffy pink towels. The boys will love it.) I think it will be fun with the black and white tile.  I’m rethinking my position on lettering the shower and leaning toward doing 4″ black and white tile around the tub and on the wall that holds the sink and toilet.  It’s a small bathroom, so I don’t think it will be overwhelming.  And, with grey grout, cleaning the bathroom should be easier.  But . . .  (always the but)  I don’t know why, I’m still on the fence about it all.  It doesn’t help that I rarely have access to a car between Tim and Ian’s school and jobs. I do a much better job of deciding if I can wander around a store and put my hands on things.  I will be very happy when this semester is over and done. Who knows what will happen with the bathroom.  I just know the longer we’re delayed, the more I want to repaint the rest of the house.  Gah . . . it’s a form of mental illness.  
In other news, Dan will be coming home on Sunday.  Yay.  Sort of.  It would be more of a yay if the bathroom were done.  As it is now, sharing our teeny tiny bathroom with the three boys here makes me feel like I’m living in a bus station.  Unless Dan took some super-secret college class on aim and toilet etiquette, I imagine it’s going to get worse before it gets better.   Still, there are more positives than negatives to having Danny home. Andy is so excited.  We all are.  He’s been missed around here.  
Andy and I are trying hard to maintain enthusiasm to get us to the end of the school year.  Middle school sucks no matter where you go to middle school – home, public school, private school or even boarding school.  That 11-14 age span is such a frustrating span between brutal and brilliant.  I thought, after doing this three times with the other boys and once as a middle schooler myself, I’d be really good at it with Andy.  Eh.  Not so much. I can understand a child who leaves the house everyday forgetting to stick his math book in his back pack.  BUT . . . if you actually live in the same place where you do school, how do you lose your math? Seriously.  It’s not like he can say, “Oh yeah, I think it’s in the west wing of the house somewhere.”  Gah.  And, just when I think my head is about to spin off of my shoulders, we have a really great discussion about a book or an idea.  It’s exhausting.  
I guess that’s it for now.  If you think of it tomorrow morning, please say a little prayer for my mom.  Her beloved art teacher, Lynne, is to be buried tomorrow after a very long battle with cancer.  I know my mom and her circle of friends that stem from her knowing Lynne are torn by sadness and by relief that Lynne’s struggle is over.  She was an amazing woman who did so much in her life.  You can read about her here.
I saw this on Facebook last night and thought it was appropriate for Lynne.  There are not a whole lot of people who die having lived a life doing what they love and helping others at the same time.  

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