It DOES fly!

Time that is. (Get the picture? Blink of an eye?)  Danny finished up his first year of college on Tuesday. Today Ian and Tim finished high school!  (Officially, we are all still working through one last book, but we’d be doing that anyway so that doesn’t count, I guess!)  How in the world did this happen?  
I started homeschooling the boys when Danny was starting third grade and Ian and Tim were starting second grade for many reasons.  It was scary and stressful and, surprise! so much fun, too.  Andy did not even have hair or teeth when we started! 
It was always a year-by-year kind of thing for us.  I just cannot believe they are done.  At least the part where I’m really involved is done.  They have a long way to go still.  I am curious to see where they go and what they do from here.  I am confident, though, that homeschooling was the right choice for us.  
All three older boys graduated high school with two years’ or close to two years’ of college credit.  Dan and Ian are both Eagle Scouts, even.  All the boys are confident dealing with people of all ages.  They can think for themselves and are not afraid to question things that do not sound right.  They know how to find the information they need to do what they want to do next. That’s what Mike and I wished for them and they have it.  
::::sniff::::: I feel like I should feel old, but I don’t (mostly).  I still have Andy and I’m sure Andy will love that I can focus all my newly free energy on him, him, him.  (kidding)   I’m kind of stunned that this part of the journey is over.  There were days and weeks that felt endless and futile and stoopid.  Yet, as I look back now, it went so quickly.  The things that stressed me out through grade school and middle school seem silly now.  They weren’t then, but now????  This was us just six years ago.  

Oh well, we made it through and I am so proud of Ian and Tim and Dan for the amazing work they’ve done all year.  Here’s to a great summer!!!! 

2 thoughts on “It DOES fly!

  1. We did a tour of FSU, the ghost town version, on Sunday. Jay and I just walked the boys around and said ooooo I remember that and I lived there and silly stuff like that. And we drove all around. It is so different 24 years later!

    Then we spent Monday at Tallahassee Community College. We are home finally.

  2. And it seems like we just met yesterday and now those babies are 12!!! Congratulations on all the accomplishments; sweet 🙂

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