YAY – it’s a new week!

This week has been a killer. I claim the butt of the brunt because I am the one involved most with each and every individual in this house.  As such, you must send gifts and sympathy and more gifts. I kid. Sort of.

Dan came home last Sunday.  Ian and his friend drove up to Tallahassee to collect Dan and his stuff.  Tim, Andy and I were lucky enough to be home while Mike did his “prep” for Monday’s endoscopy AND colonoscopy.  Let’s just say Mike was mean and grumpy all day and I just wanted to thwap him on the head, but I didn’t.  

Dan arrived home with what seemed like WAY more stuff than he left with originally.I was truly happy to see Dan, but the bathroom was still torn up and Mike had been mean all day and then Dan showed up with even more stuff to fit into an already small house.  :::sigh::: I might not have been as welcoming as I could have been.  

Monday was spent with Mike at the surgical center. I will say he was much nicer on the way home, loopy on the drugs and knowing that food was coming his way.  The colonoscopy was clear (his older brother was recently diagnosed with early stage colon cancer – he should be fine, but it is a family thing) which was great.  The endoscopy was a bit funky, but we expected that.  We’ll meet with the doctor at the end of the month.  Hopefully, whatever the doctor thinks is going on IS what is going on and that is treatable.  That’s as far out as I am willing to think.  

Tuesday, bathroom still a disaster.  Dan found me that evening to let me know he had not done well in his Calculus III class.  He had hoped to pull out a C on the final.  Did not happen.  We will be heading back to Tallahassee on Thursday so that he can take the summer A/B class to replace this grade.  I took Calc III.  I KNOW I got a C simply because the teacher knew I would keep coming back and back and back.  Honestly, he could have taught the class in Japanese and I would not have lost a minute.  Dan, for whatever reason, freaked out on the tests.  He knows the material and I am hoping he’ll get an A this summer.  That said, I am sad.  I was looking forward to having him home this summer. It’s a beach week summer and probably the last one where we had a chance of having all the kids/cousins together.  I love that Dan is willing to “man up” and do what he has to do, but I am really, really sad to lose him after such a short time at home.  

Wednesday – surprise!  The tile I set Tuesday night was crooked.  I spent Wednesday pulling the tile off the wall, cleaning it and then finally recalibrating.  

Did I mention that last Saturday Tim found a car he could afford with his savings?  He and Mike went to inspect the car.  The owner agreed to do one thing to the car and told Tim he could take possession on Thursday.  He has been so excited.  The car was nearly an hour from the house.  Tim confirmed everything with her on Thursday morning.  By the time he, Mike and the other boys arrived at the woman’s house, she informed them that she was no longer looking to sell the car.  Gah!!!  What kind of person does this to anyone, much less my Timmy??????  Grrrr . . . 

So that was pretty much Thursday.  

Have I mentioned yet that our dryer died last Sunday?  Mike is CERTAIN he can fix it and it is spread out all over the garage in hopes of being reassembled one day.  In the meantime, while Mike was being food-deprived and mean on Sunday, Mike made me a clothesline.  I cannot even describe how sad and pathetic this clothesline is.  The only thing good about it is that that I saw our evil neighbor peering through the bamboo and gaping at the clothesline itself and the probably 20 pairs of boxer shorts I had strung on her side of the line.  Times like those make me actually say “Muahahahahaha” out loud in person.  

Seriously, with the bathroom, the dryer, the lovely clothesline and the rest of the stuff that is not immediate, but still kind of sad, I feel like I should be wearing Daisy Duke shorts and a tube top everyday.  I can hang out with my neighbors on the vinyl couch in the front yard OR we can pretend we’re driving the old cars up on blocks in the front yard.  How has this become my life? 

So, I haven’t really been in the mood to blog.  Nothing is especially good or especially funny around here lately.  Just stressful and ugly and a little bit like “Best of Trailer Living – The Video.”  

Added fun – my camera battery will NOT charge and the card reader is not not working.  No pictures – unless I find a good one to steal from google.  

Hope your lives are all running a little more smoothly. 

4 thoughts on “YAY – it’s a new week!

  1. Big hugs to you and everyone in your general vicinity.

    I figure either you need the hugs or they do.

    My college boy had a little trouble this week, although not academic this time (we've had a couple bad grades now and then…)

    Got suspended from work for three days. Burning the candle at both ends… working graveyards, going to school and the killer? Sleeping over at the girlfriend's house and coming to work late.

    Evidently frowned upon after a certain number of occurrences.

  2. I just posted something on my blog about hanging clothes out on the line! In my case it was on purpose since I am trying to get away from using so much power. In other words, our electric bill has skyrocketed and I want to lower it. That's how we go “green” here, trying to keep as much of our green as possible!

    Matt will be taking Calc 2 in the fall and then continue with the few math classes he needs to get into a grad program in math. He tutors at LSCC out here at the Clermont and Leesburg campuses. It's not full time but an undergrad degree in economics does not get you a job. Wish he knew that earlier. Oh well, he likes Math quite a bit and likes teaching it to others.

    I hope everything starts going well for you! Hugs!!

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