Progress, of sorts . . .

OK – I HATE scraping tiles clean with a razor blade. The sound and the sensation sets everyone single nerve in my body on edge! But the all of the tile is up (except for the edges of the black border). I finished it up after this picture was taken. Tomorrow, the grouting begins! Once it’s all cleaned up and finished, I think it’s going to look pretty cool . . . cross your fingers. I am done with disasters.  

In other exciting news, we FINALLY got a dryer on Sunday. The only good thing about dead appliances that you have to wait to replace is how exciting and easy it seems to do the work when you rejoin the land of working appliances.  (And, I have to say, I’m enjoying wearing pollen-free clothing and sleeping on pollen-free sheets again!)  

OK -back to the tile.  Look for a garden update soon.  Despite my best attempts at neglect, stuff seems to be growing. 

UPDATE:  Still scraping tile.  I don’t mind tedious if I have a decent audiobook to listen to while I work. I’m running out of books!  WHY, oh why, is every book a series? And, if it is a series, it should be clearly marked on the library box.  Gah!  

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