Is 1 Bathroom so bad????

This stoopid, unplanned bathroom remodel has been cursed from the beginning.  I’m starting to wonder if God just meant for us to have one 5×7 bathroom and I should just close the door and move on.  The closer I get to finishing the damn thing, the more the rest of life keeps popping up.  I’m pretty sure I cannot cancel Ian blowing out a tire on a major highway (Mike drove out to help him home at 12:30 am) or Dan needing some support in his lonely summer days in Tallahassee or Scout whose legs seem to be giving out in a big, scary way.  Maybe if I just close the door to the bathroom all of those pesky real-world things will right themselves.  I know, it’s magical thinking and that the bathroom has nothing to do with the rest of it, but … (there’s always a but) it sure would be nice if it were that easy.  RIGHT?

Update:  Ian and Mike are home and safe and I feel like Mrs. Weasley.  I apologized to Ian for yelling at him for being a slob and not doing his dishes and, you know, all the stuff you yell at your kids for doing/not doing.  In the words of Mrs. Weasley, “Suppose those had been the last words I ever said to you?!!”  Waaahh.  

3 thoughts on “Is 1 Bathroom so bad????

  1. We've been closing the door to our unfinished bathroom for a year and a half now, and yanno what? It's not that easy. :-/ Today's goal is the toilet install, just in time for a visit from all the 'rents this week (for gradation). I'm really hoping it works out as smoothly as I'm really hoping it works out. :fist bump of solidarity:

  2. Pain in the ass.. I know.
    But we have ONE bathroom. So when stuff needs to be done, we don't have a bathroom at ALL.
    Count your blessings, baby!

    Glad Ian is okay, that is something that runs through my mind when I part from people I love, 'what if this is the last time I see you' and I try to act accordingly. The same holds true for them. I think, 'what if this is the last time s/he sees me?' and try to make sure the last thing I say to them is “I love you.”

    And about Scout. I'm sorry. That's how the beginning of the end started with Maggie. Legs giving out unexpectedly. I miss her a bunch.

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