The Razor’s Edge

:::shudder::: I hate scraping razors on anything hard, but that is how I am spending my evening – that and filling in missed grout spots. (I will say that the audio version of Stephen King’s 11/23/62 is very good.  I was about half-way through reading the book when the bathroom and our lives went bonkers.  I haven’t been reading much lately and it’s nice to be able to listen to this one – the reader is excellent!)

Next up? We seal the tile and refinish the disgusting tub.  After that, only a few more steps to a finished bathroom.  

Here’s where I am as I type – Ian just took this picture. There is still much scrubbing and scraping to do, but you get an idea of it.

And, in other exciting news, I found black grout!!!!  I know, can you believe it? 

I so so so need a life.  In the meantime, I’ll keep scrubbing and scraping. 

One thought on “The Razor’s Edge

  1. It's AMAZING !! You're so beyond talented Am. Holy cow. I ❤ black grout. We had it in our kitchen in 29Palms, when we put in the black granite tiles... I LOVED it.

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