Spray on grout sealer and MORE fun inside!

I know.  Could it get any more interesting around here? Tile and tile and mess and tile and mess.  And, ta-da, Mike finds spray-on sealer for the grout.  Not only do I have a lovely buzz from the fumes, it seems to be working very well.  Who knows, this bathroom might actually get finished after all.  Of course, no one will be allowed to use it after all of our hard work, but it will be done. 

In other news, it’s June.  You know what that means.  Put everything on hold until you find the perfect birthday gift for me, me, me.  It’s okay, you still (as of Saturday morning) have 15 shopping days left.  And, because I’m likely closer to death than to birth, I’m good with virtual gifts!  😉  1-2-3 everybody shop.  

Finally, I’m going to be making three batches of soap in the near future.  If you have any interest in a trio of soaps, email me at all4mine@bellsouth.net. 3 for $16 with postage paid. There will not be a lot of soaps available, so act quickly and I’m only selling them in threes.  The scents are:  tomato leaf/basil scrubby soap; green tea & linden; and the old favorite, Down By the Shore. 


3 thoughts on “Spray on grout sealer and MORE fun inside!

  1. I had to go to training yesterday. To learn how to care for children over summer. We covered such riveting topics! The quiz had some real tough questions: “When it is hot, it's important to keep children hydrated. True or False?”

    My sweet hubby went to the local Saturday Market to visit my soap lady. He bought me eight bars of the lovely stuff I use, Calendula. Lightly scented and so nice to my skin.

    I wish you were still my soap lady, but alas, you don't make my favorite anymore. 🙂

    I hope you're not as grout-chy next week.

  2. LOL – Ami, you should be teaching the “How to Care for Children” class. Yikes. How do you keep a straight face and your mouth shut? I would not be very good about that.

    I wish I were your soap lady (and lots of other people's soap lady for that matter) too. However, I find it interesting that you love Calendula soap!!! Just a hint of calendula makes me wheeze and sneeze. How weird is that? I AM glad you found someone and you didn't have to go back to Safeguard or something. I promise if I make a batch of Pink Sugar, you'll be on the receiving end.

    And, good news, the grout-chy-ness is on its way out. 😉

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