We might actually finish!

Okay – did the spray on grout Friday and it beaded up when I splashed water on it Saturday morning just like it’s supposed to.  So, Mike and I moved onto the dreaded “restore” the bath tub project.  

This whole nightmare started with me asking Mike to redo the grout in the tub – we did not anticipate the mold or the necessity of redoing the whole freaking bathroom.  Thus, we had no budget. The tub has been the bane on my existence since we moved into this house.  I could never get it to look shiny and clean.  You can imagine after nearly 15 years here, that has not improved.  

I hated to do all the work on the tile and the walls and have a filthy tub that was nearly down to its metal base.  Voila – the internet is a wonderful thing.  I found THIS! It had good reviews at a variety of sites and for $40, we could hardly go wrong.  It’s a time-consuming, precise kind of project (not to mention one that calls for excellent ventilation and a decent face mask) but, I am blown away.  Here’s the new tub.  I can’t get in to scrape and tidy up until Wednesday, but I am thrilled with the results.  

Once the tub is cured, I shoot the bathroom ball back to Mike! Shower doors, shower head and faucet.  I’ll paint the base boards and molding and Mike will cut and install them.  And, then it will all be a memory.  Hooray!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “We might actually finish!

  1. 15 years?! Lord, I'm happy that you finally got to fix up your bathroom! Your bathroom is just like any other part of your home, you should clean it and take care of it more then your own room I believe. But congrats!!

    -Irwin Zinkin

  2. Hi Irwin – thanks for reading. The bathroom was okay for a long time, just old. Toss in four sons using it day in and day out and they wore that tub down to the bones. It wasn't a matter of us not cleaning it or trying to keep it nice – it was just a matter of priorities. Now the boys are older and able to clean up after themselves.

    Thanks for the congrats – just didn't want you to think we lived with a sty for a bathroom for 15 years! 😉

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