History repeats itself. Again.

Sigh. Some of you know this syndrome. Some of you are baffled by it. That would be the syndrome where you take one huge project around your house and allow it to escalate (entirely by your own doing) into something far, far bigger.  I do this all the time.  I am aware that I do it and yet I continue to do it over and over.

We’ve been working on the bathroom. Like everything, it’s not going well.  It should be done, but, alas, there is a hole in the pipe to the faucet of the tub. It won’t be done until we have a plumber come in and fix it.  (Thank God Mike realizes his limitations as a handy man.) 

In the meantime, I have been trying to match the paint in the hallway – we had to replace the drywall of one wall when we did the bathroom.  I have met with no success.  If anyone needs a sample of a golden/green type of paint, I have about eight here from various stores.  So, why NOT make our lives more chaotic and difficult?

While I spent hours and hours tiling in the bathroom, I was contemplating the sad situation of our living room.  The furniture in there has served us well, but it’s in sad shape. Unfortunately, so is our budget.  Years and years ago, I made denim slipcovers for some furniture we received when my sister moved and they were awesome. So, I thought as I tiled and tiled, why not make slipcovers for this furniture? 

And, I kept thinking. After years of deep red furniture and jewel toned paint, why not lighten up?  After all I no longer have little kids who smear everything they touch.  I decided to make slipcovers from drop cloths from Lowe’s.  They’re whitish, canvas with a nice nubby texture.  Who knew? There’s a website that explains how to do this!  I love the internets.  I also found an awesome downloadable book on actually making slipcovers HERE!  

From there I started thinking I was over matching the paint in the hallway.  Why not start new? Why not indeed.  I found an amazing blue paint at Walmart of all places! Nearly the whole house has its first coat. The walls have been sanded, repaired and are going to look awesome when they’re done. (I think.) The house will have color, but not nearly as much.  For the first time in twenty years I went crazy and bought eggshell/satin finish paint instead of the work-horse semi-gloss.  It’s so grown up and exciting!

The painting and the bathroom will get done eventually.  I’m working hard at it.  The slipcovers will be a welcome, non-manual-labor break. I am imagining it all coming together in August.  The house will be a soothing, beachy blue with light furniture, black accents and burst of color in the books and the tile in the kitchen.  

It’s kind of exciting to realize that I have three adult children now.  I am only homeschooling one of the four. And, even if Andy were a destructive, horrible kid, he could not do the damage that the three spirited ones ahead of him could inflict.  There’s just not enough of him. 

I no longer have to have my house set up as a library or space just for kids. I can clear out Andy’s room, move a bookshelf or two in there with all the homeschool stuff he’ll ever need! I currently have two bookshelves up for grabs for anyone local.  They’re 7 1/2″ tall, 14″ deep and about 36″ wide.  They do not come apart so you’d need to figure out how to move them.  If you want them, they’re all yours.  Act soon because I’ll be putting them on freecycle at the end of the week.  I will also be pruning the bookshelves.  If you’re looking for specific homeschool stuff (math u see, life of fred, trisms and assorted other) email and I will offer to sell it to you first.  If you’re looking for homeschool stuff and you have no budget this year, email me.  I’ve been there and if I can help I will.  Stay tuned for the homeschool post.

Anyway, I am armpit deep in another huge project.  But, it’s an exciting project.  It’s a real change for us. It’s a much needed change and boost for me.  Maybe as I work through these projects I can figure out what I want to be when I grow up? Hmmm…

10 thoughts on “History repeats itself. Again.

  1. I have beachy blue, but REALLY need to dive into slipcovers…such gross furniture. IT just looks like such a frustrating project. I even have the e-book. I never thought of drop cloths, though…

  2. Deana, they're not hard – they're just BIG. I'm planning to start with a smaller chair and work my way up. Check out the drop cloth lady's tips on washing, etc. The drop cloths are SO much cheaper than similar fabric and you get a couple of pre-hemmed edges.

  3. I love you Amy. But you're nuts. You do know that, right?
    God, I wish I had half your energy, though.
    Since I've already got the nutty part down.

  4. PS… I hate that fucking word recognition thing.
    Do you really get so much spam that you MUST have it?
    I mean, it's your blog. But it drives me bugshit.

    I need to look into the drop cloth thing. Hell, I already dye everything I own.

  5. LOL Ami! I didn't know I had a choice on the word recognition – I'll look into it. Yes, I know I'm crazy. I'm getting older so I'm using my energy while I still have it – who knows when it's going to just thppptttt.

    I'll keep you posted on the slipcover/drop cloth thing – do read that link!

  6. Oh, slipcovers are the most amazing things! I avoided them for years, because of my aversion to measuring and paying attention to what I'm doing. But even for *me*, they were awesome-easy, and worked great. I can't wait to see what you do with them.

    And the rest, yes. Crazy. Good. HUGE. Thinking of you, and praying for a clear path ahead, full of good food, interesting people, and great stories. (But not too many stories – they can be hard to live through when they all pile up at once.)

  7. Wow, you got spammed right after I wondered aloud (well, in writing). HAhahahaha.

    'pluming and heating experts' indeed… warm up your house AND add feathers to your 'do.

  8. Darn it! Your amazing energy is making me look bad over here. I am seriously going to make those drop cloth slip covers my next project. What an incredible idea. Our furniture is sound, but ugly. Great solution!

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