Figures . . .

I have been dragging, dragging, dragging all day.  I did not sleep well, but I usually don’t sleep well so I didn’t think that was it. The house is torn up, but actually amazingly dust free with so much furniture moved out while I paint.  Sneezing, headache, sleepy, grumpy and all the other dwarfs have been inhabiting my body all day.  I might be wrong, but I am thinking I am allergic to the smell of soaps in the house again.  Waaahhh.  All the pretty soaps, spread out drying and being pretty and smelly never bothered me before, but that’s the only big change I can think of here. 

I guess we’ll find out.  Most of the soap I made (some still left if you’re interested) is getting shipped out on Friday.  By Sunday the air should be clear, right?

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