I am painting like crazy right now.  If I can get the second coat of wall paint on everything tonight, I can do the trim with bright white tomorrow. I have to say that the bright beachy blue is making me happy.  

As I’ve been painting, I’ve turned 47.  Yikes. How did that happen??? I am bummed that Mike is in Buffalo this weekend – I really miss him.  And, *gasp* I’m 47.  LOL and next year, I’ll be 48.  

I would not change much about my life – I could have done a lot of things, but I have done what I’ve done and overall, it’s good.  I have an amazing husband, great kids, stupid dogs and what more could a girl ask for??? Oh yeah, the big one, we’re all healthy.  Go ahead wrinkle fairy, throw what you have at me! 

Wish me luck with the painting – it would be so nice to settle in for a night or two with no HUGE projects to trip over.  That’s all I need, a night or two and then . . . the slipcovering begins. 

3 thoughts on “Hmmm….

  1. Happy Birthday to one of my inspirations! I hope this is a year of finding your footing on a beautiful path.

  2. Happy birthday, a little late! Sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. So sad.
    The bathroom looks amazing! While we do a lot of house projects, I would never be able to convince hubby to do that with the wall tile. He's just not adventurous.

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