Pay attention!

Note to self:  pay attention.  I know my iron is always low – never dangerously, but they won’t let me donate blood. The stupid SlowFe tablets make me so sick if I don’t eat the right combination/right amount before taking them.  And, I find myself avoiding taking them. And then I find myself wanting to curl up on the floor to sleep in the middle of the grocery store.  Doh!  
Sunday, the exhaustion from the tiling, the painting, the insomnia and the lack of iron caught up with me and I flopped on the couch and slept until 6 pm on TUESDAY!  Yikes!  Between sleeps, I saw a commercial for 
pur-Absorb.  I found it at Walgreens’s yesterday.  WOW!  No funky stomach issues and I swear I could feel the difference within an hour.  The sleep helped.  The iron is definitely helping.  Yay! Back to painting the molding in the kitchen and on to the living room.  The end is near.  Well, the end of painting, at least. It’s never-ending.
My birthday was Saturday.  I was sad that Mike was not here and sad because he was gone for a funeral. When I woke up it was a weird feeling.  I spent most of the day painting – cuz that’s what I do. Late in the afternoon, I was summoned across the street.  The neighbors had a bbq all set up.  Andy made amazing peanut butter, cream cheese brownies with 29 candles. (He’s my favorite.) There were good friends, lots of kids – big and small, and it was such a really nice thing to do.  We ate and swam and played basketball and laughed and laughed.  I even managed to talk to Dan (and Christi) in Tallahassee!  It’s so nice to have neighbors that know when you’re down and who rise to the occasion. How lucky am I? Yeah, I know.
The biggest surprise was presents! My two good friends gave me the cutest purple whale cooler (on wheels no less) for our upcoming beach vacation.  Inside the cooler, they added an awesome insulated cup with a big pink “A”  and an insulated lunch bag filled with chocolate!  We filled the cup immediately with crushed ice and some Mike’s Hard Strawberry Lemonade.  YUM!  My amazing sons floored me, though.  We are not normally huge birthday people – a fancy cake, a small gift, friends and ice cream.  Andy, Tim and Ian were all there (Dan knew what was going on) and they brought out a small box.  WAAAHHH!  My babies gave me a Nook Color.  How cool is that? I’ve been using it and I love it.  So far, I have not killed it with my weird electrical issues.  But, how amazing is that? They spent their hard-earned money to get me something so cool and unnecessary. I was happy at brownies.  :::sniff::: They’re the best kids ever.  

In other exciting news, vacation is coming up in two weeks!  I love our family beach weeks!  I’ve been wearing the same swimsuit for the past six years.  Hats off to Land’s End – I love/loved that suit.  It’s about to die, though. My budget does not include Land’s End this year.  However, I managed to find a tankini top, a cool retro one-piece in white/teal/green/black/blue and a nice plain old black suit on Ebay – all for $56.  I’ve received 2 of the 3 so far and they fit!  My gooey bits will be contained and I won’t be self-conscious and I won’t have to do this again for another six years when I’ll be ready for a wool swim dress.  And, I never once set foot in a horribly lit dressing room!!!! 

5 thoughts on “Pay attention!

  1. Happy Belated Birthday!!! What a great day it sounds like you had. I'm glad the iron is helping. I'm anemic so I know what it can feel like. Happy electronic reading!

  2. Kaaren – I definitely want to be Nook friends. Do you have any suggestions for beach reads? I have a gift card here that should get me 2-3 books.

  3. Have you read any Jasper Fforde? OMG, try his “Thursday Next” series. Soo funny. You will appreciate the funny.

    On your Nook, send me a friend invite to my aol address: Ka2Spider1 at aol dot com.

  4. Ugh, my comment went away, so if you get this comment twice, sorry.

    Have you tried Jasper Fforde? OMG I love his work.

    Start with the “Thursday next” series. The first one's called “The Eyre Affair.”

    On you Nook, send me a friend request. My email's still the same: Ka2Spider1 at aol dot com

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