How to write on your walls . . .

Here’s a quick pictorial for how I write on my walls. I have terrible, terrible handwriting.  This is a way for me to write all over the walls without people thinking I have an eternal 3 year old living here playing with my lipstick.  
Pick a font you know you have the patience to work with. I tend to use fonts like look like an old typewriter or like something one of my grade school teachers might have written on the chalkboard. You can do fancy scripts, just know it will take more time.  Print it out – I use “draft” on my printer otherwise you’ll eat up ink for no good reason.  (This example is Segoe Print, 150 points) (Another note: I usually print my stuff in landscape, you can get more words per sheet of paper.  Also, with your margins set at 1/2″ the paper usually lines up nicely with your molding or ceiling lines.  Just use a level periodically – no house is perfectly square and once you start slanting down, it’s hard to straighten it all out.)
Once you’ve printed things out, flip it over and outline your type with a charcoal pencil or stick.  I find it helps to put the flipped over paper on a blank sheet of white and to work in the kitchen or somewhere else where you have bright, clear light. Then again, I’m old.  
Next, you take your paper, right side facing you, and rub it with your thumbnail.  Peel off the wall.
You will end up with a rough outline on the wall.  Then, just take your appropriately sized paint brush (I like the cheap little ones that come in a big bag at Michael’s), a paper plate with a blob of whatever color paint you’ve chosen – I usually use a mix of the wall color and black or charcoal gray (get the $3 sample jar at your local paint store – mixed with leftover paint, you can cover several large rooms). 
If you screw up, just back up, paint over your goof with the original room color and try it again. No biggy. 

Let me know if you try it!!!

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