It’s officially a holiday . . .

We had a neighborhood cookout/pool party this afternoon.  Once it got dark, we let the kids light up sparklers and other “grocery store” fireworks.  There might have been a couple of bottle rockets in there, but they are quiet and so cool – just like wands in Harry Potter – not to mention they were insanely supervised.  

There is no fire danger as we’ve had so much rain (sorry Colorado) lately.  But, it’s officially a holiday.  The kids had all been sent inside to get showers and all of that.  No garbage in sight, just the old folks eating leftovers and hanging in the driveway – Hello, Officer.  The poor guy was not much older than my own old boys.  He looked around, rolled his eyes, told us his next call was for fireworks at a fire marshall’s house and that maybe he’d see us tomorrow.  GAH!  This was all well before 10 pm. 

Just when you think the hateful neighbor is dormant, she grabs her speed dial.  It makes me want to go buy BIG fireworks for tomorrow – I won’t, though, because I kind of hate fireworks and loud noises LOL.  Anyway, in case you were not aware, it’s a holiday.  If you’re in a fire-prone state and would like us to blow something up or explode something pretty on your behalf tomorrow, just let me know. 

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