The weather is here . . .

. . . wish you were beautiful . (Jimmy Buffet said that, not me.)
Sorry – we’ve been at the beach too long!  WOW! We’re staying in the funkiest house to date.  It’s a 1947 (incredibly old by Florida beach standards unless you’re in St. Augustine or Miami Beach) cottage.  I feel like I’m visiting my Hobbit Grandma.  It’s adorable.  I think perhaps we overestimated the web site’s suggestion that this house could sleep 12.  For sure, it’s cramped, there are legs and arms sprawled all over the living room on couches and air mattresses as I type from the peaceful screened-in beach front porch.  
Oh well. We’re all thrilled to be here and have made the most of the great weather and the beach outside our door and the time we have had to together (old people, gather with me, tug your ears and we’ll sing the Carol Burnett song).  The picture here is the view as you walk from the house onto the beach. It definitely doesn’t suck. 
As always, we have too much food, too many people and we’ve been laughing way too hard! This only works because the beach is SO big and everyone has a chance to get away and hide and recharge and come back when they’re ready. Also, the beach is loud and it makes us, as a group, seem quieter. 
For “beach weeks” (we go to the beach as a family every 2 years – since 1999), Mike, my dad and my brother have a whole thing worked out about who is at the beach and who is working at the warehouse.  Mike is here for his long weekend right now. I am so grateful that they’re all willing to do this.  It gives me time with my mom, my sister and her kids and my own kids. 
For me the best part of this week has been Dan showing up!  He got a bus from Tallahassee and arranged for my dad to pick him up.  I have been so sad thinking that this was the first year I would not have all my boys on vacation.  SURPRISE!!!  As an added bonus, Dan went surfing on his first morning and got smacked in the head by his surf board.  He and I spent some quality time at Urgent Care getting his head stapled back into place.  :::sigh::: 
Dan’s fine.  He’s been okay to swim as long as his staples are coated with Neosporin.  I’m sad he goes back tomorrow, but I’m so thrilled that he managed to get here.  I’m not entirely sure, but he may have to go back with my mom hanging from his neck. 
Aside from eating and surfing, we mostly read.  For sure everyone here arrived with far more books than clothing.  We can sit for hours under the umbrellas on the beach silently passing bottles of water and cans of Diet Coke as we read and read and read.  Normally, I read a lot faster than I have been this week, but I’m trying to soak up time with the older boys too.  I loved The Night Circus. It’s an easy read and really unusual.  Today I read The Doctor’s Wife – I hated every character in this well-written book.  The subject matter (marriage, mental health, abortion) is compelling, but I don’t know that I could recommend the book. Tonight, I’ve started The Lecturer’s Tale. Weird, but I’m only a couple of chapters into it – I will get back to you!  

Just checking in.  For tonight, everyone I love – my parents, Mike, my four boys, my brother, my sister and her three children are all right here.  It won’t last, but it’s awesome for now.

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