I miss vacation.

I am having a hard time coming back to reality. In fact, the past two days have been spent in actively avoiding reality. Not sure how much longer I can keep this up and get away with it. It’s just too hard to go back to laundry and all the rest of it after so much time at the beach.  
At the beach, I will do anything as long as I can see or, at the very least, hear the ocean. Laundry, no problem. Cooking? Sure.  It’s fun.  Like playing house.  It helped that the house we stayed in was so cute. It was such a change from our last vacation’s sleek huge house. I would argue with the owners that the house sleeps 12 – we did it for several nights, but it was a stretch.  BUT, I would recommend the house to most families.  It was cozy, quirky and really delightful.  I like quirky, you know.  I also prefer color to neutrals and this house had all of that.  
It was weird this year.  Mike, my dad and my brother usually take turns commuting so that we can keep the business running (someone had to pay for the wine and ice cream).  However, this year, Ian and Tim were also going back and forth, though not as much as I had feared.  Danny was only able to join us for a long weekend.  Each vacation is different and each one seems like more fun than the last, even with all the changes.  
We had a bunch of visitors while we were there.  A couple of our neighbors were able to join us one day. It was fun to have so many kids running around and doing so many different things AND there were enough adults around that we were not outnumbered. As with most of our beach activities, there were lots of food and snacks involved.  Our friends Gregg and Ann and their kids came late one day and stayed for a long beachside dinner.  Not too many people can make me laugh so hard.
During the second week, Aunt Judy and Uncle Tony arrived.  They stayed at a nearby hotel being sane, but spent the bulk of their time with us. What a blast.  We celebrated Judy’s birthday and their 45th anniversary with two cakes and a night launch of a bunch of Chinese fire lanterns on the beach. During the days, we traded book lists and did a lot of cooking.  I’ll try to get the recipe, but Judy came up with a delicious shrimp dish (shrimp cacciatore?) the one night. Ian and Tim cannot have shellfish so we served that with amazing pasta and a big salad.  It was like eating in a fancy restaurant – only without having to put on shoes or a bra.  
One afternoon, Lynne surprised the kids with a parasailing adventure.  Andy was not interested and I’m the family’s designated purse, camera holder though Andy and I did go out on the boat.  I’d love to share pictures, but I guess I can add boat rides to the list of things that now make me violently ill.  There I was, I finally had my hands on Ian and Tim’s amazing cameras (they never let me near them) and I was so excited.  I was going to take pictures of the light house from the water and of everyone flying through the air.  I managed about three pictures before I was considering just jumping overboard and swimming back to shore. (I’m old, but I could swim 1-2 miles, right?) 
As my sister and my niece were launched into the air, I found myself cursing the guys running the boat (if the skeevy guy who does the ShamWOW commercials has brothers – that’s them) and then praying for death. So, I have no pictures, but someone took some and maybe eventually I will add them to this post. I did not die. The nice lady on the dock gave me a big glass of ginger ale and bitters.  I don’t know what bitters are, but I will never visit anything involving possible motion-sickness again without them.  Oh well.  Everyone else had a great time and I learned something new about myself.  That’s good, right?  

Overall, it was a great vacation. I could type all night about everything I loved.  Maybe when I get my hands on Ian and Tim’s pictures, I will. 

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