I’m shrinking!

It’s official . . . Andy is taller than me. He actually put on a size 11 1/2 cleats that I picked up months ago at a great sale and they fit.  Barely. I am hoping they’ll get him through football season this fall. Everyone in this family has small feet.  I don’t know where this gigantic child came from anymore.  I guess when he grows out of these shoes, I can use them for waterskiing or something.
For some reason, finalizing Ian and Tim’s transcripts and getting all of their stuff together to send them back to the same college they’ve been attending for two years (do NOT even get me started on stoopid beauracracy) has been making me a little weepy as well.  I had them schedule back to back meetings with the guidance counselor and I realized that this is most likely the last time they’ll “share” problems with paperwork or school.  They’re going to just grow up and become independent people and they’ll most likely never let me dress them the same again.  (Okay, that happened when they were about 18 months old, but you know?) WWWAAAHHHHH.
Tim had a mishap (read dumb things we’re mostly all guilty of when we’re young drivers) with his new-to-him car.  Enough damage (to his car only, not Tim and no other vehicles involved – whew) to seriously consider whether the car is worth repairing.  It’s ultimately Tim’s decision (and money) but it’s heartbreaking.  Mostly, heartbreaking for Tim.  But, because I’m all I think about, I’m dreading going back to sharing a car with Ian and Tim and Andy (well, his activities) again.  They’ll all start school, Ian and Tim are working, Andy will be immersed in football and I am wondering if I’m going to start blending into the walls like a chameleon.  I’ll keep you posted – that could be interesting. 

I’m going to go hang from some moon boots or something in an effort to regain the 2″ Andy clearly stole from me while I was sleeping.  Cross your fingers.

2 thoughts on “I’m shrinking!

  1. Your babies are growing up! I know the feeling, although mine are grown up completely. Except, I still see the sweet little girl my daughter was and the adorable little boy who was my son. He is now 6 ' 2″ and grown up. She is a mommy herself with her own adorable little girl and a little boy on the way. I want a do over. It's just going too fast!

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