Well, that was kind of weird.

Just finished up the opening ceremonies for the Olympics.  I like the Olympics, I know a lot of people have issues with them and I respect that.  I am not really looking for that debate here.  Leave a comment if you like, just don’t be mean.
If you watched, what did you think?  We had some friends over to watch the ceremony and to celebrate a host of July birthdays with a really ugly tower of brownies I made.  (It looked so much prettier in my head – sigh. I think some strawberries and kiwi around it might have helped – oh well, they were chocolate and delicious and they’re gone.)   
We were all talking and eating and not paying too much attention when things started.  Slow start? I dunno. I’ve never watched opening ceremonies with a group of people. I thought it was kind of strange.  I wish they had had some high-up cameras, I wonder if it looked very different from the stadium stands.  I’ll bet it did.  
Everyone left around the time Albania marched in.  Kids were crashing all over the place.  You can see Katie (the token girl in the neighborhood) crashing and she NEVER crashes.  

Mike, Andy and I (and Ian at the very end) watched it all.  I’m not a big fan of Paul McCartney, but yay! him. Good song choice and nice way to end the thing.  Now, to watch the games.

ETA (Edited to Add):  Just saw this. If you watched the opening ceremonies on NBC, they cut it out in favor of a stoopid interview with Michael Phelps (and I’m a fan of Michael Phelps). Why??? I think it’s beautiful and actually one of the more visually compelling things about the first half of the opening ceremonies.  Tribute to those who died on 7/7 after London officially became host of the 2012 games

2 thoughts on “Well, that was kind of weird.

  1. Nothing on the Olympics, since I forgot them, but I just wanted to tell you how Gorgeous your new blog format is! I don't think I've ever seen one like it, and it is just So Elegant!
    That's all.
    Oh, and thank you for the reminder the other day about not stressing so much about homeschooling! I was stressing, and it helped. A bit.

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