First Attempt @ Slipcovers

Sorry to disappear -so much going on around here.  Sadly, none of it is terribly exciting.   

We finally managed to get Tim and Ian enrolled in the college they’ve been attending for the past two years!  Yikes! Bureaucracy at its finest.  People small bits of power can really be awful while they bask in making other people’s lives difficult. But, that is done.  My part is done.  From here on out, the paperwork and transcripts and all the rest is their problem.  Hah. 
Our bathroom remains only partially functioning.  Who knew it was so hard to find a plumber who can repair a brass pipe? I’m about ready to google and teach myself how to weld.  It cannot be that hard, can it? It is pretty obvious that this project has lasted FAR too long – I actually dusted the bathtub yesterday.  
We bit the bullet yesterday and bought a new dishwasher! We can pick it up tomorrow.  I am soooo excited.  It’s been a long time since we’ve had a working dishwasher. We’re going to be so fancy.
Andy started football last week.  Mike is an assistant coach. This is real football. It’s a little insane, but I’m trying to just sit back and not get sucked into it all.  The first two weeks are four practices a week, 6:00-8:30 pm.  Games start near the end of the month.  Andy is enjoying it so far.  Mike is exhausted.  He’ll be happy when they go down to three practices and one game on the weekends.  This week will be interesting, it’s the kids wear all of the gear for practice.  I’m glad Mike knows football.  My instinct is to tell Andy to put everything on backwards. You’ll have to wait until the first game for pictures.  Apparently, 7th grade boys are not big on having their moms attend practice.  (And, to be honest, moms of 7th grade boys prefer to be home in the bug-free, air-conditioned house during practice.) 
With my evenings wide open these days, I’ve been working on getting the house back together after all of the painting and stuff.  I’ve started picking up frames of all sizes at thrift stores, painting them black and filling them with pictures from different beach outings and vacations.  Now, instead of four timelines in the hallway, I have pictures.  (Well, some pictures, I’m in the process of getting prints of so many digital pictures from years and years.) Thus far, though, I’m happy with how it is starting to look.
Last night I made my first slipcover.  It was definitely a learning experience.  I only have pictures of the finished project.  I will take pictures of the process, now that I have a bit of a clue, when I start on the next chair.  I highly recommend the ebook from Pink and Polka Dot.  It’s the best $10 I’ve spent in a long time.  It’s called the Lazy Girl’s Guide to Slipcovers.  The pictures and the general instructions are great.  

I’m off to bleach and wash more drop cloths (9×12 canvas $21 @ Lowe’s) so I can start on the big chair with actual arms.  Cross your fingers!

The front picture of the slipcover looks crooked – but it’s really the lampshade.  REALLY. 

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