Olympic Chair Wrestling . . .

My struggle with slipcovers continues.  I knew I was in trouble when I downloaded the “Lazy Girl’s Guide to Slipcovers,” (and every other thing I’ve read about slipcovers) . . . all of the smart folk emphasize using furniture with detachable cushions.  In theory, I agree.  In reality, I have a bunch of nasty furniture that is not getting replaced any time in the near future and it ALL has attached cushions.  Here is the picture of my chair. Something needs to change here and I’m not willing to live an all-floor-cushion life. 
I started with the cute little slipper chair and that was good and fun and easy.  I moved on to our big overstuffed armchair.  It was not good or fun or anything happy, but I sure learned a lot (and you’ll see that if I ever finish the love seat).  Here, in this pic, you can see, I’ve learning that welting can be fun and is not hard.  
So here are some of my steps . . . as I mentioned in an earlier post, I so so so recommend the cute little e-book from Pink and Polka Dot.  That said, it’s like doing a puzzle.  Personally, I am NOT a puzzle person. I actually marked up my kids’ pre-school puzzles (you know, the ones with handles on the puzzle pieces?) so that I could get them back together quickly after the kids went to bed. 

Since I’ve been working on slipcovers, not just a few times has a son come into the kitchen (where I’ve been working) and looked at me for a second only to say, “Um, Mom, I think that’s upside down.”  And, yep.  It was.  I’m making progress, but there is only so much you can do to reprogram a brain.  

Step One:
Back and front pieces pinned together.  Skip through hours of mess with the attached top cushion . . . 
I made it this far (notice I do not show any pictures of the top of the chair?) :::sigh::::
Here is the mostly finished product.  Cally is testing it for us.  I kind of love it (except for the fact that the boys say it looks like Finn from the Adventure Time cartoon – which I find not funny because I don’t get it. And, they’ve been warned that the first person to draw a cartoon on my slipcover will never ever be a whole person again.) It’s slouchy and light and goes with the rest of the vibe (I seriously used the word vibe? Someone cut me off from cable) I want in the house.  

Anyway – If you’re thinking slipcovers, go for it.  If you can sew a straight line, you’re good to go.  Just avoid those stoopid attached cushions if you can.

One thought on “Olympic Chair Wrestling . . .

  1. I missed this post! And yes, it looks like Finn. I hope they've drawn his face on it by now…

    My horrible, horrible sofa has detachable cushions on the bottom, but not the back (detachable back cushions are the furniture scourge of the 21st C). It needs to be recovered. BUT it really also needs to be repadded in the arms and to have boards hammered into the bottom…and probably, to be dragged to the curb. But then we're back to floor cushions.

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