Uninspired blogger . . .

Yep.  That’s me these days.  I am definitely stuck somewhere. What do do with myself and all of that.

BUT!!!!  We FINALLY finished the bathroom. I will spare the details of why it was so delayed.  Suffice it to say, we found a neighbor who works for a big plumbing company around here who works for cash in his free time. Better than a marriage counselor!  

See?  With the cabinets in place and the fancy-schmancy shower doors, the writing on the walls is NOT too much. This picture gives you an idea of the iridescent bubbles – they do not photograph well.  They are fun in real life, though.  

Unfortunately, the bathroom is in the darkest part of the house, so the pictures don’t really tell the picture. Mike hung the shower doors this morning and by tomorrow night, we should be completely in business!  (I cheated last night and took a LONG bath in the new tub knowing that Mike was doing the doors in the morning and then it would be a free-for-all with the gross boys that live here. Ahhh – it’s actually been at least two years. I love baths in cleanable tubs. I read and soaked and read some more while I added hot water. It was wonderful!)

In other news, the slipcovers are done (sort of – I have a few touch ups I want to do but can do while the covers are on the furniture and while I watch terrible television!). It’s a switch from streamlined leather to slouchy slipcovers, but I like them. I like the blue paint with the white and off-white. It’s bright and very different here. Makes me happy.  

I’m kind of lost.  I have other projects to think about (finishing the quilt I started in January? Some kind of art or something art-ish for all the nekkid walls in the house) but I’m kind of lost. I’ve (well, mostly me) accomplished a lot since the beginning of May. I think I’m happy with it.  But, now what? 

There is always Andy’s football. (He’s in the front of the pack, #84) He’s playing Pop Warner football this year (Mike’s an assistant coach) and having a ball. They had their first game on Saturday. I’m not a terribly squeamish mom when it comes to contact (or any)sports but I have to say I was glad Mike was down on the field when I saw the team Andy was playing this weekend.  No clue what’s in the water in Leesburg, but they sure do grow ’em big!!!!  I’m talking 6′ tall 6th and 7th graders.  Andy’s pretty big, but . . . nope. 

Our team lost.  But, they played well and came back – we had two players out during the first minutes of the first quarter.  Andy played very well (aside from the offsides thing which made the head coach unhappy) and stood his ground.  I think the rest of the season should improve.  Apparently we played the very best team first.  They did not even consider playing us a real game lol. 

My goal is to try and post daily for a while – maybe that will get me thinking and moving again????   


4 thoughts on “Uninspired blogger . . .

  1. Why are you so far! I want to see that bathroom in person. My living room is that color and it IS so bright. Love it with the light slipcovers. I think my folk are still too small and prone to eat on the sofa, so I'd be washing the damned things every day. Oh, who am I kidding? They'd just be filthy.

  2. Love the bathroom!! Nice to have a handy man around! Ran into Mike at UPS the other day, did he tell you? We talked kids in the sweltering heat for 5-8 minutes before we scurried for ac. Geez Louise, Andy looks TALL in the picture. How tall is he?

  3. We had Freshman orientation/check-in/craziness this weekend and it's still going on. Freshman and transfer students are there all this week through Wednesday taking seminars, one actual seminar for credit, lectures and having tons of evening fun. The rest of the school arrives some time during this week and classes officially start Thursday.

    I don't know who's more excited about Stetson at this point. 🙂

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