Dan has been home he past week or so and he leaves again on Thursday. It’s weird how him being gone for most of a year changes things. Now, when Dan’s home, it’s happy time. He’s not here long enough for issues to grow. He’s a messy person. I can live with that for a few weeks without resorting to screaming.  Living on his own this past year, Dan has developed a serious interest in cooking. He’s almost as good as Mike. For meals I don’t have to cook, I’ll forgive just about anything. 
Dan is happy to be here and he is REALLY happy to be with his brothers – and vice versa.  It’s killing Andy that he has to do school while Dan is home, but that’s life when you’re in seventh grade. I’ve let some things slide when the older boys invite him to join them (in age appropriate activities – I nixed the idea of them taking him to see “Ted” at 11 pm tonight at the dollar theater – see, I’m responsible?)
And, on Thursday, Dan will go back to Tallahassee.  And, him leaving this time is harder for me than when he first left for college.  The odds of him being back here for any real length of time are fairly slim.  Good for Dan.  Sad for me. I don’t want him home watching Scooby Doo in his pj’s in the middle of the afternoon with me reminding him to shave and attend to basic hygeine, but geeze, it went so fast. (And, thank God we don’t have a basement!)  He’s going to be a grown up and all of that.  Really, really soon – if not already. And Ian and Tim are right behind him. Weird, weird weird after all of these years.  

In a happier vein, I have Andy here as a focus for all of my attention.  I’m kidding. All of my attention on anything would surely kill it. But, I am really happy to have Andy for a few more years. He might not be as delighted as I am, but he works with me. And, I think in large part because we did homeschool, Andy is exceptionally close to his older brothers. They include him when they can. Dan calls him regularly from school and I imagine Ian and Tim will too when they leave.  They like him. They like to share new things with him and get his opinions.  I LOVE that. I love that, different as they are, they will most likely stay close through the years.  That part of my job is done.  I don’t feel so bad about duct-taping the arguing siblings together for an hour or so until they could work things out.  😉

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