Oops . . .

Last night, I posted the mess I made when I dropped a quart of paint on the floor – chalkboard paint, no less.  This morning, though, I realized that poor old Scout (you can see how old and tired her eyes are) was sleeping about 6′ away from where I dropped the paint can.  Look at her!!!! I don’t know what we’re going to do.  A regular bath is all we can manage with her and only then when she REALLY needs it. There is no way she’s going to let us close to her face (I don’t blame her, if I couldn’t see, I wouldn’t want anyone rubbing my face either.) Poor Scout.  It’s bad enough to be the world’s oldest border collie without having paint spewed all over your face.  

I’m just popping in for a minute.  Still scraping paint off of the floor. My fingers were getting cramped, so I figured I’d limber them up by typing a bit. 

Ran over to Goodwill today. Got lucky in a weird way – I was there to pick up some candles and look for books (any good suggestions for middle school?) and I wandered through the aisle with women’s jeans. A pair of jeans was down on the floor. I am the person you see in stores picking things up off of the floor and rehanging clothes – I can’t help it. I had to pick the jeans up – really, who knocks something to the floor and just leaves it there?  

OCD wins. I picked up my favorite jeans – Levi’s – in my cut and size AND length!!!  I can never find “short” in the store for under $40. Poof – $6.35 and I have great new jeans.  Downside? I forgot to put in earrings before I left the house.  I also forgot to dress like a person with a gender.  The Goodwill cashier looked right at me and said, “Sir, I can help you over here.”  Gah. Note to self:  ‘Dear Amy, If you are going to wear short, short hair, earrings, make up and not wearing Mike’s shirts in public are probably good things. Love, Me.'”  Unfortunately, Ian was with me.  He’s been calling me “Kelly” all night.  :::sigh:::: 

Cast your bets now – will we be affected by Hurricane Isaac? I don’t think we will – I think the news folks just have too much air time on their hands.  Just in case, we’re freezer-eating for the next few days.  I hate the thought of losing lots and lots of food if we do experience a lengthy power outage.  Looks like pierogies and pork chops tomorrow night – lots to share if you’re in town. (And, yes, there will be applesauce!)

Okay, back to scraping paint off of the floor.  Who knew a silly project like painting a little blackboard for my kitchen door could create such a mess? (If you knew this could happen, don’t tell me now – I might have to get mean.)

Happy Friday everyone. I will be glad to end this week.  I forgot how painful it can be easing (even just one) kids back into a school routine.  GAH!!!!  Are all 7th graders slow, forgetful and kind of randomly selective in what they remember day-to-day? This feels familiar, but I can’t be sure.

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