More ways to waste/spend your time!

I’m generally interested in the news, but lately – blech. Everyone is so hateful and stupid and petty.  The petty part pisses me off the most. It would be fine if things were going great here in the good ol’ USA, but they’re not.  Don’t waste my time. I expect my older kids (18, 18, 19) to show more restraint and composure – AND THEY DO! 
So, I’ve turned off the news.  This is a big thing for me to give up – not quite like giving up butter or bacon, but close. In the meantime, our house is slowly crumbling around us. Actually, though, parts of it looks pretty good right now.  New bathroom. Slipcovers that work. Super-duper clean floors thanks to my paint spill earlier in the week. Still, there are floors to replace, the mud-pit front yard, you know how it goes . . .  
Anyway, I like to do things, makes things, change things. I recently found two websites that feed this habit.  You might like them too.  The authors are probably of an age where I could have been their babysitters, but they’re interesting and full of enthusiasm and great links.
First, is  The Lovely Cupboard.  You have to work a bit to get through the site, but it has great ideas.  

The other one is Curbly. This site is amazing – they’re renovating an old house and she still finds time to post links and information about crazy stuff.  I love it. Plus it’s called Curbly – what a great word.

2 thoughts on “More ways to waste/spend your time!

  1. Congrats on breaking free. I swear, once the venom clears your system completely, you'll feel so much better. Assholes, the lot of 'em.

    LOVE Curbly (site and word), but that first chick is painstakingly lining the insides of matchboxes with pretty paper and that is just…odd. And fruitless. If you get a Thank You card from someone, you think “How charming! So glad she wasn't raised by wolves!” If you get a wee fancy matchbox that someone has spent time on, you think, “Well crap. What the hell am I supposed to do with THIS? Can I throw it out once she's seen it in my house one time?” See? She's a troublemaker.

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