Finally!  I finished the quilt I started back in March. I don’t think it’s the prettiest quilt I’ve ever made, though I like it fine, but it’s by far the BIGGEST!  I think there are about 1200 yards of quilting thread in this thing. Looks good on the bed, but it’s HEAVY.  I’ll love it in the winter (I’m always cold) but, I’m not so sure Mike is going to be on board.  I’ll have to look for some kind of “under blankets” for each of us.

In other news, Dan has a new job working at some kind of magnetic/cyrogenics lab at FSU.  He called me today to say that the guy he’s working for led him through a whole thing about deep space travel and the importance of vacuums.  Yep. Dan’s being trained on how to maintain their vacuum machines as well as in how to move very large, very expensive equipment. He said he likes to think of himself as a high-tech janitor.  It’s so funny to me the weird jobs this kid has had. I do think working at this lab,though, could lead to very good things in his future.  

Tim’s hours at the trampoline job have been cut drastically. He loves that job so decided to pick up another part time job. He thought he’d landed a great job at a local gym.  NOT. He was there to make “reminder” (aka collections) calls. He came home after his first six hour shift to explain to me how many different ways his soul had been sucked from his body. He’s looking for a new second job.

Everyone is back in full-school mode.  I love the quiet house and having everyone back into something like a routine.  The key word there is “something.” With Ian and Tim going to school and working, it’s becoming harder and harder to know what to cook or how much to cook.  So far, I’m adept at getting it wrong – always too much or too little.  I figure by the time I get the hang of this, Ian and Tim will be gone and Andy, Mike and I will be the next contestants on “The Biggest Loser.” 

One thought on “Finished!

  1. You will have attained that status which eluded you (or, at least, me) up to this point: consistent leftovers. I have to admit, I kind of dream of one day being able to tuck away the leftovers and know there will be enough to make another meal the following day. That seems like such an impossible feat right now… 😛

    LOVE the quilt! Can't imagine it being cold enough to warrant climbing under it, but that's because it's early September. Come January, even Mike may be angling for a spot under the quilty warmth.

    As always, I love hearing about the boys. Tell Tim that telemarketing is right up there with “reminders” from the gym. Forewarned is forearmed. Or something like that.

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