We had a fun weekend here.  I’ve been working on the applachian chairs Mike built several years ago. I’m trying to get a multi-colored distressed look. So far so good. This picture is my third layer of color. My only problem is that while I have been working, I have been listening to a Stephen King novel – The Dark Half.  It’s dark where I’m working (except for my little space) and quiet and the story is scary.  Like a (sort-of) normal person, I come into the house every 15 minutes or so, turn on all the lights, the tv’s (Sponge Bob – not scary, HGTV – sometimes scary, but  not enough to keep me awake) and then I’d head back outside.  If you heard a giant explosion last night, that would have been Mike’s head.  He knows I’m a loon, but I think I’m making him really crazy lately.  The picture here is the chairs with their third layer of paint.  I’m onto sanding and trying to be artistic now.  It’s not going that great, hence I’m here blogging.. . .

In other project news, Mike is my hero! He found this incredibly beautiful, neglected table on someone’s curb.  He checked that they really didn’t want it and brought it home to me.  Squee! It’s got some monster wax issues, sharpie markings and some scary gouges in it. I’m going to strip it and do something with it.  I have been longing for a table for the porch – I think we’d use the porch a lot more with a table.  Andy and I could use it for school.  I could stick my sewing machine out there and hide from the endless football. It’s a beautiful thing all around. The sticker on the back of the table says Broyhill and it has to weigh at least 150 lbs.  We’ll see what happens . . .

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