Goodbye weekend . . .

Yesterday was another football game for Andy. It was also our team’s turn to work the concession stand. Me and two other moms showed up – the rest bailed. The GIANT, bald man running the whole thing was not pleased.  He was less pleased when he realized I was not lying about my ability to shout orders out loudly.  There is a reason I was a gymnast and not a cheerleader.  We worked it out after about 30 minutes.  I was working one window, the other mom had the second window, the third, uber-brave mom was working in the back with scary bald man.  I had the cash box at my window.  After about 30-45 minutes, I had a LOT of 20’s, 10’s and even a few 50’s under the tray of the cash box.  And, poof.  I went to get a couple of pretzels (five steps behind me), came back and made the change.  When I went to put the 20 under the tray ALL the money was gone. Talk about feeling sick.

I’m a wimp. The big, loud, bald guy in charge of the whole deal scared me and I already knew he didn’t like me much because I didn’t have the ability to scream “NACHOS ALL THE WAY” over and over and over or even once.  Finally, the mom working the other window got a break and I whispered frantically to her “Did you see anyone official-ish looking come and take all of our money?”  Whew! She had.  I did give the guy a piece of my mind when he came back for the next 30 minute pick up, but sheesh.  He was apologetic and I was so happy that $500-ish dollars was not stolen on my watch.  

AND, this is why I shy away for volunteer-ish stuff.  I like doing it.  I love helping.  But, I cannot keep my mouth shut. I’m older and wiser now (the upside to being the oldest mom on the team).  I did not say a word yesterday. I can think of about 50 easy things they can do to improve sales and to save money. Not a word.  I suck, huh?  I just know how it works and I do NOT want to be in charge of something that Andy will only be part of this year and maybe next year.

Andy’s team is down another player. If you’re the praying type, please keep Lane in your prayers. He lives in about the roughest neighborhood in Central Florida.  He’s 12.  One of the coaches is a cop who also serves as a mentor in this part of our town.  He brought Lane to the football program hoping it would be enough to keep him out of trouble. This boy has been beaten up twice since school started. I’m not talking about bullying, I’m talking about having the s**t kicked out of him.  He showed up at one practice and the coaches actually had the EMTs on site check him out. I don’t know what happened this week, but Lane has been taken into custody and is no longer part of the team.  He’s 12!!!!!  I am so sad for him.  I don’t know the answer for this, but, I hope there is one.  He’s still a little boy.  He’s a nice, funny, goofy 12 year old.  So pray, think a good thought for him. I don’t know what else to do.

One thought on “Goodbye weekend . . .

  1. lots and lots of good thoughts coming from here. Stories like that just break my heart. As much as I hate living in Connecticut, I'm so glad we're safe here. We lived 7 months near Detroit before here and the number of times that I truly feared for my life, ugh. I don't even like thinking about. I just can't even imagine having to be 12 (hard enough) AND thinking and worrying about crap like being beaten up or worse.

    gah. now I'm just typing and probably not even making sense. My heart is broken for Lane and all the other kids like him.

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