Sometimes I crack myself up.

Since I made the chalkboard for the door leading to the garage (our main entry and exit venue here) I’ve been trying to put up the day’s date and anything relevant before I go to bed so that Mike and the boys are aware even if I’m not up to inform them.  (Plus, I think they read the chalkboard and when I talk, I think they often hear the Peanuts’ version of an adult “Wahwahwahwah . .. ” ) 

I wish I were a better artist.  I also wish my kids had not used up all the white, black and gray chalk.  While I’m at it, I wish for world peace and long legs.

Nothing big going on tomorrow.  I started to write the date for tomorrow a few minutes ago.  10-4.  Well, if you are of a certain age, you know that 10-4 means cb’s and truckers and good buddy.  My kids went to bed baffled, even after googling, but I know Mike will get a kick out of it in the morning.  

10-4, good buddies.

One thought on “Sometimes I crack myself up.

  1. I spent the day thinking 10-4 good buddy too!! Do you remember when dad was doing the whole CB radio thing and we had our handles? I don't remember mine. What's your 20? 😉

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