Sorry to be gone so long. Nothing too exciting here. Lots of football.  Ian was sick with some kind of horrific stomach thing this weekend.  The only good thing to come from that was that Mike and Tim and Ian FINALLY got their flu shots.  

At home, I’ve been working on Mike’s trash-picked table. I sanded it down and stained it. Then I hated it. Really hated it. I really love beautifully finished wood – in other people’s houses. There is something wrong with me that just wants to paint everything.  It’s a wonder Mike and I are still married. 

This table is going on the screened-in porch (some people call it a Florida room). I’m not trying to create a dining table, just something we can use on the porch. I picture the kids using it for board games, guests feeling comfortable setting down their beverages on the table without a coaster and me being able to use it for sewing and other projects.  So I sanded it again.  :::sigh::: I am fast becoming the scary crazy lady in our neighborhood.  The only place I have room to work is in the driveway.  Me out there day after day in my overalls with my sander has to be scaring the neighbors to some degree. (Sorry, neighbors, I’m only a little crazy and I’m not a danger to others.)

I have to say that the pinterest and houzz sites are kind of amazing for a project like this! You can find a picture of just about anything and you can “steal” so many ideas! And, along the way, I learned all kinds of crazy things.  

Did you know?

You can make a flexible ice pack by putting 3 parts water + 1 part rubbing alcohol and sticking it in the freezer?  They work great.

In a pinch you can substitute a mason jar (quart size) for your blender jar thingy? 

Stick a can of condensed, sweetened milk in your crock pot (open it first) filled to 1/3″ of the top of the can with water for 8 hours on low.  Voila!  Caramel!  I’m sure it’s not good for you, but it’s yummy.

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