How is it possible to be so busy and still feel like you’re just treading water? Time seems to be passing so quickly and yet when I think about it,  I feel like there’s still too too much to do.  I’m thinking a lot of this is just my own weird self, but still . . . 

I’m finding school with Andy this year to be strange.  On one hand it is easy to do 7th grade with just one kid.  On the other hand, it’s a fine line between being an insane mother and a mother that wants her son to do his best-even-if-it-kills-her. With Andy I have the chance to do so many things in depth that I could not do with all four boys running wild here.  And, then again, I have to resist the impulse to slack off entirely. The older boys are just fine and there are plenty of hefty gaps in their home education. Poor Andy. He never knows which mom he is going to find when he gets up in the morning.  (Don’t tell him that I don’t know either.)

Last week was just busy.  Lots of football stuff.  Lots of rain. Lots of dumb errands. Andy and I also drove my parents to Ft. Launderdale (about 8 hours round trip). My parents are on a cruise through the Panama Canal – it sounds pretty cool.  I’ve never been up close to a cruise ship before. Um. Gulp. I knew they were big, but it’s different to see it right there. I don’t know if I’d like being on a cruise or not.  My parents were so excited about their trip. Andy and I were excited because we had a giant bag of M&M’s for the ride home and use of my mom’s car for the next two weeks!  FREEDOM. (Hi Mom, if you get online – hope you guys are having a blast!!!!)

Saturday was Andy’s last home game for football.  One more game this weekend and the season will be over. It’s been a painful season. The boys and the coaches have worked so hard and improved so much and they’ve been beaten every weekend.  (The top picture is the team warming up this weekend. Just to give you an idea, it was about 96 degrees, full sun and no wind.  Most of the kids are wearing two layers of gear.) 

Ian lent me his camera for the game. He gave me a quick “idiot tutorial” before I left.  Mostly it consisted of, “I’ve set the camera for you. Just push this button and resist the urge to touch or change anything.” I wish he hadn’t had to work and could have come and taken really nice pictures. 

The boys played really well. Sort of. Andy played the whole first half (we have a small, small team and most kids play offense and defense).  By the end of the half, Andy was on the sidelines puking his guts out, another kid was flat on his back and a third was fighting off an asthma attack.  It was kind of downhill from there.  We did make a great interception. Andy continued to play and tackle. The main reason for this is that just about all moms are NOT allowed on the field.  Mike has the badge that gets him on the field. I don’t. I think Mike and Andy are both grateful for this. 

In the end, we lost.  Andy was no worse for the wear.  Oh! To be 12 again. He was out running around with his friends as soon as we got home.  (Here’s a picture of a nice run our team had.  Andy’s the last kid in purple holding back those two mean boys in red, white and blue.)

Have I mentioned that the Pop Warner teams have cheerleaders? I’m not sure how I feel about cheerleading.  I was a gymnast. I get that aspect of it, though I cringe to see some of the non-gymnastic-trained tumbling on the sidelines. But, these girls are nice and they are working SO hard. It’s hot, their uniforms are thick nylon (whose idea was that???) and they have improved quite a bit since August. The hair bows kind of freak me out, but the whole thought of girl children kind of freaks me out at this point. Fixing hair seems hard enough – adding a giant bow is scary territory.

My favorite cheerleader is not in this picture. She’s the cutest thing in the world but I doubt she knows that yet. She is skinny, short, flat as a board and incredibly uncoordinated.  She can do the moves of the cheer OR she can do the words of the cheer, but not both. It’s just not in her. She actually spends most of her time WATCHING the game. Her totally cute mom looks like she might have been a cheerleader for a big university.  I’m guessing the girl takes after her dad.  Until seeing this girl, I have never been concerned with watching a kid try to do a cartwheel.  She takes fear to a new level.  This weekend, though, she kind of landed on her feet.  I was so proud. 

And, that is where we are and where we have been.  I have another post coming up (I can see you thinking, “Whew!”) about some of my projects around here.  This week appears on paper to be a bit calmer than last week, so I hope to post more.

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