Here is our garbage-picked table – all redone and made to look old again.  I am pretty happy with it.  Now to find chairs or convince Mike to build some benches or something. 

I’m pretty sure the neighbors are relieved that I’m no longer out in the driveway stripping and re-stripping this thing. 

But, I was a little concerned because I was project-less. This never bodes well for anyone here. If I don’t have a project, I tend to focus on Mike and/or the kids. Strangely, they do not find this as interesting as I do. 

Here is where Pinterest is going to kill me.  I was going through random images and I noticed this. Oh my! And, we had been talking about painting parts of the washer that were starting to rust (the beauty of having laundry in the garage in FL). You can see how pretty it is in the picture here. 

I mentioned to Mike that I was going to paint the washer.  He shrugged.  I know it never occurred to him that I would paint it anything other than white.  Imagine his delight and surprise when we woke up the next morning to a wife with green feet and this:

It’s not as professional-looking as the one in the link, but it’s fun and it’s no longer rusting. I also took the opportunity to paint the fan I keep on top of the washer hot pink. Mike says it’s like stepping into a bizarro Barbie dream house. *snort* Right, Barbie dreams of laundry?  

  There you can see the fan here.  Welcome to my madness.  

And . . . once again I am project-less. Anyone have anything for me to work on? 

3 thoughts on “Ta-da!!!

  1. LOVE the washing machine and dryer. Did you use Rustoleum too_

    Kaaren, not logged in, in Panama City, Panama, [where their keyboards are screwy because they include ñ, ¡ and ¿ on them, so everything gets moved around, I think I am typing one thing and I look up and it´s all kinds of screwy (and the “@” sign is under the Q) and it stinks. Hello.]

  2. See? Where the question mark normally is, you have a _. Hence my first question about Rustoleom did not end with a question mark.

    Aye caramba.

  3. LOL Kaaren! I think my parents are in Panama City right now too. Say hi if you see them. 😉 Yes, I just used Rustoleom. I sanded the rusty parts down until they were smooth and then painted. So far so good.

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