What would FlyLady say?

Mike woke up this morning and told me he thought something was wrong with his feet.  I looked at Mike.  I looked at Mike’s feet.  All seemed normal.  I asked what the problem was.  He told me, “My feet are slippery.”  Hmmm . . . I felt his feet (which if you know how much I despise feet, you’ll know how much I love Mike) and they were not remotely slippery -even for a lizard.  We sat there for a bit thinking and finally I said, “You know I mopped the floors yesterday, right?”

He didn’t. Sand is the bane of my life, but c’mon.  I mop at least once a week (sometimes more depending on Scout’s bladder).  Slippery feet? Gah! Mike took it all well.  I assured him I will get him some safety socks before I mop again.  :::sigh::::

In other news???  ANDY’S TEAM WON THEIR LAST GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They not only won, they were awesome.  They played one of the top teams and in the last 3 minutes of the game, they finally dominated. It was so thrilling!!!!!!!!  Overall, it was a terrible season, but it was also a new team.  Today, you could finally see the results of all the practicing and coaching. Our sorry little group of parents, grandparents and assorted kids went crazy. I’m not a yeller, shouter, cheerleader type, but WOW!!!!  

Just about the entire team will play together next year.  I can hardly wait.  I am so proud of all the boys, especially Andy.  They hit hard and they took a lot of hits as well.  And, they did it!!!!!!  What a great end to a difficult season.  The coaches and the boys were so proud and excited when they left the field. They finally pulled it all together!!!!!  I’m so proud of all of them.  (Added bonus, not one kid threw up or had an asthma attack today!)  

Side note:  It’s been a while . . . I forgot how terrible, awful, horrible a hardworking 12-year-old can smell.  Yikes.  We drove home with open windows and  I still can’t get the funky smell out of my head.

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