Happy Halloween!

And there goes another Halloween! I was talking with my neighbor and we were marveling at the fact this is ninth year that Andy and her son, Paul, have been trick or treating together.  Most likely, this was the last year. ::::sniff::::  

This year, Paul and Andy went off on their own. Their “third musketeer,” Connor, is now 14 and 6′ tall.  He opted to stay home. He was missed. He did come by post trick-or-treat to help *ahem* sort candy. That boy is a giver. 😉  Mike and I are lost with no little kids so, we trailed around the neighborhood with Paul’s little brother, Preston, and his parents. It was fun to trick or treat without having to actually pay attention! And, Preston’s group of kids was comprised of the 7 and under group so we were home by 8:00.  Nice. 

You can’t really see it, but Preston is a wolf. I made a similar costume for Andy when he was younger.  Multiple stuffed animals were sacrificed  (in a decent, respectful way) for this costume.  Notice his feet – I managed to keep the claws on!  It was cool here, but not cold enough for the scarf. The scarf tied it all together – pun intended. Oh well.  It was fun to make a little  kid costume again. Who needs costumes next year?

Sorry to be gone so long. Every time I think about posting, I realize that what I feel like typing is mean or grumpy or both. I’m going to work harder on that in November. Less mean and grumpy, more whatever it is I normally am. 

I hope you’re all doing well. Sending hugs and lots of sympathy for those of you in the northeast that were hit by Sandy. We’ve had a few LONG power outages here from hurricanes. It sucks to be hot, but nothing’s worse, in my opinion, than being cold. I hope you all have fires or generators or neighbors with one or the other who are willing to share.

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. How funny.. Waldo. That's what I recently named my anxiety. Huh.

    I am crabby and mean and pissy and grumpy and sometimes it shows up on my blog. I don't care. So there. 🙂

  2. checking in from Connecticut and feeling so lucky that we kept our power (over 75% of our town didn't). On Tuesday when we couldn't look away from the horrors that the news just kept finding everywhere they went, one of the kids looked at me and said “Mom. Today, I'm really glad that we're not rich.” Really? I said. Why's that? “Cause if we were rich, when we moved here, we might have lived closer to the sound.” This is after three summers of having to drive an hour to get to the sound and them wishing we lived closer the whole time. Kids. you just never know what they're going to say 🙂

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