It’s November!

It really is November! You know what that means . . . Nano novel-writing time. I’ve managed to complete six of my seven attempts at writing a novel in one month. I guess I am going to try for an eighth time. There’s a slight problem, though. I have NOT ONE CLUE what I want to write about. I need to get with the program. Anyone have any thoughts? Random is good. Character names? I just need something to get me started . . . HELP!!!!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “It’s November!

  1. 1.5 year old in a high chair watching television while his mom does the ironing.
    He watches a LOT of television. That's why he knows so many biiiig words.
    Rococco. Tchotchkes. Erectile Dysfunction. Diabetes. Shamwow.

    There, that's what popped into my head.

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