It’s like college finals!

As a rule, I’m not really a procrastinator.  I’m more of a give me the bad news first kind of gal. I don’t get on the computer until I’ve done everything that needs to be done each morning (which explains why I’m never on until lunch time), I eat my vegetables first at meals – not because I love them, but because they’re a necessary evil, you know, I’m that person. BUT . . . each November, I attempt to write a novel and each November, I find all kinds of reasons to put it off.  This year is no different.  I used to do the same thing in college when I had a big paper or a big test.  The house/apartment had to be spotless and all distractions had to be removed before I could get going.

Last year, the biggest foil to my writing was having to share space with Mike and the boys.  The house is small and the general living area contains the computer, the tv and, generally, 2-12 boys/men. I’m fairly adept at tuning out boy-noise, but NOT that adept.  The result was, I was not sitting down to write until midnight or after.  It was not pretty for any of us.  

Yesterday, I was talking/whining to Mike about this dilemma and he suggested moving our bookshelves to form a semi-wall between the living room and the office area.  I love Mike. Of course, this took FAR longer than either of us anticipated. Why are things that should be so simple so hard?  Mike and Andy finally moved  the shelves. After that, I was on my own. I had to replace books and fashion some kind of office.  And I did.  I even managed to save a wall for a strip of butcher paper and notes and all kinds of things I’ve always wanted to do in November.  It’s kind of fun to have my own little space.

(This is what is looks like if you crawl in on your side from the front door – sorry, I could not get it flipped!)

Today I got Andy up early and we did school and then I dragged him out to do monster grocery shopping. He was not thrilled, but he’s old enough that I can give him half of the list and the whole job gets done soooo much faster. The thing about the Nano writing is, I cannot relax until I know everything else is taken care of – well, mostly – for the month.  

Between stores, we stopped at a place called Back Yard Burgers for lunch.  As we were sitting in the beautiful 80 degree sunshine, shouting erupted inside the little building where they make the burgers.  At first we thought it was just the employees goofing around.  When we saw the tiny lady dressed in a security guard outfit who had been standing in line waiting for her food dive through the little pick up window, Andy and I realized no one was goofing around.  

I’m an idiot.  For someone who watches as much news as I do, I should have considered what was going on.  Instead, we cleaned up the remains of our lunch and meandered to the car as three police cars came screeching into the place and hauled a man out on his face/stomach. Andy and I got in to the car and it was only as I turned the ignition that I thought, “What if that man had had a gun?” GAH!!!!!  I just don’t generally jump to the bad conclusion first. Maybe I should change my thinking? That was scary.

In the meantime, enjoy the pics of my new “office-ish” (as we’re calling it).   Still no writing done, BUT the house is spotless, menus are made for the month, food is in the house, laundry is caught up, cinnamon rolls are ready to go for the morning and Mike and the kids are on board to take care of themselves from here on out. I hope to get a lot done this weekend.  All I need now is for a plot to drop out of the sky onto my head!  😉

2 thoughts on “It’s like college finals!

  1. You have just invited the muse to shat upon your head?
    Oh my.

    I have a great space in my bedroom that I could use to write, craft, create, read, be alone.
    Do I clean it and use that space?

    no, I do not… because I am a procrastinator, a hoarder of small proportions (okay *I* don't have small proportions, my hoarding problem is fairly small) and here I sit. Surrounded by mess in the kitchen, reading blogs and leaving incoherent comments.

    As for the possibility the guy had a gun? Um, yes. And please consider that first the NEXT time a similar situation arises?

    Jesus God, Harold. (As my grandfather used to say)

    Oh. And I have to say this one more time. I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate the word verification thing on your blog. It frustrates me to leave a comment.

  2. I am the exact same way. I can't do anything of importance until the entire house is in order. It does make for an organized clean house, but I KNOW it's just glorified procrastination.

    The office-ish looks GREAT!

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