Falling back!

I think it’s stupid we change time like we do twice a year.  But, if I had to make a choice, I’d pick the “falling back” time hands down. I know it’s just changing numbers, but I always feel more human until it’s time to “spring forward” again.  

Now, I did NOT feel this way when my kids were very young and I had to get up with them at 5:30 everyday – the time change made it 4:30 and I just wanted to cry and cry and cry. Now, they’re on their own.

AND, tonight the time change buys me an extra hour of writing my non-existent novel with no characters and no plot and no nothing. I can sit here for an extra hour and type nonsense until something finally makes sense.  

(For the record, the picture came with the computer. Nothing in Central Florida looks remotely like this.  But, it is pretty, huh?)

One thought on “Falling back!

  1. Do you have a setting yet? LOL. You could spend time describing the setting in minute detail.

    Hey if you don't take the beach house family reunion setting, maybe I will.

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