Still here . . .

I am sitting here in what the kids call my Dobby outfit – ugly knit hat, oversized sweater, leggings and ugly socks.  It’s COLD here in Central Florida – 45 degrees last time I checked.  The house is still a toasty 70, but I’ve been out in the garage doing laundry and sorting groceries for the past two hours. Brrrrrr….

The election is over and our phone has stopped ringing, finally. I’m disappointed but I know many of you are not. I guess now we just see what happens. I hope things work out better than I think they are going to. If nothing else, it was fun to see Ian and Tim, and via phone, Dan, vote in their first presidential election. I’m proud of them for reading through all 11 INSANE amendments and asking questions and seeking answers before voting. As usual, I’m hiding in the corner full of shame for my stupid state.  Gah! How hard can it be to standardize everything in every county? All the other states can do it – what’s wrong with Florida?  (Don’t answer that, please.)

In other news, Mike and I have new phones.  Yikes, we could not be more pathetic.  Finally, after a week I can make and receive phone calls.  I like having the ability to text quickly too. The phone does other things but for now I’m letting Andy figure it all out for me. It’s a long way since I was in the 8th grade — sitting on the stairs to the second floor cradling the avocado green phone trying to get some privacy.  It’s sure convenient to have cell phones, but I’m not completely sold on it being better.  Andy and I went out to lunch the other day (really horrible math morning and I was taking him next to a flu shot) and it was amazing to me the number of people who sat, not alone, and fiddled with their phones all through lunch.  It cannot be that hard to have a conversation, can it? 

I hope everyone is well. I think the last of my friends in the NE got her power turned on this evening! Yeah! Stay warm and safe.  I’m going back to my “novel” which gets more ridiculous with each night I spend on it. I’m having fun, but more than ever, this whole exercise feels pointless.  We shall see, I guess. 

3 thoughts on “Still here . . .

  1. If you read my blog, you'll know how I feel about the election results, national and local. Bunch of commie pinko fuckstick bedwetters.

    Dobby, huh? Ever since I was introduced to that character, I've wanted my own house elf. I wouldn't make it work very hard and I'd treat it very nicely. Alas, though, no elf.

    And it's still a gigantic pain in the ass to leave a comment on your blog.

  2. Have they even finished counting the votes in Florida? I'm sorry, but I find the whole thing kind of hilarious. Baby Boy voted in his first presidential election this year too. Isn't it funny how all of our kids keep growing older and older, but we stay so young, hip, beautiful, and vibrant . . . and apparently delusional, LOL.

    Happy writing!

  3. LOL – Ami, I hope you can find your real voice someday. You're so wishy-washy! And, I agree, it would be awesome to have a house elf.

    Mom#1 – no, they're still counting here – it's really insane. And I don't think either one of us is delusional. 😉

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