I blame math.

You know how a day can just unravel sometimes? You wake up with the best plans and those plans are thwarted before you’re even remotely caffeinated? Today was that day. I had the best intentions.  I went to bed at a reasonably early hour (for me at least). My plan was to finish school with Andy early in the day and then to finish up the projects I have half finished around the house. It was going well, until we did math. 

Math and 7th grade are just such a terrible combination on most days.  With all four boys combined, I am certain I have said, show your work, SHOW your work, SHOW YOUR WORK and then variations but with some expletives tossed in AT LEAST 10,000 times.  And, still, I see no work. NONE.  There is no where to look to see where the kid went wrong.  I would bang my head on the wall or the kitchen counter, but I did it with the other three and if I keep it up with Andy, I will look like a unicorn. Anyway, math slowed down the day.  WAY down.

Now, of course, I could always blame Pinterest. I try to avoid it, but I keep seeing things that make me say, aha!  The black interior doors shown in the link were one of those things. Between the kids and their friends and messy Mike and the dogs, our doors always look disgusting.  I scrub them and then I have to repaint because I end up scrubbing the paint right off the doors.  Black? Sure, the doors are just as dirty, but I’m okay with that – I can feel good with a quick wipe down with something to kill germs and some paper towels. 

Today, my plan was to paint our bedroom door and the door to the boys’ bathroom early enough in the day that they would be dry by Mike’s early bedtime (usually 8:30 or 9).  Due to the above, that did not happen. We hung the door to our bedroom shortly before Mike went to bed. No door knob because I was still painting those – I found a very cool textured black paint with copper flecks in it.  It was already early evening and the boys’ bathroom door was sweaty and tacky, so it’s still outside.  This meant the boys had to take showers in our bathroom without waking Mike.  Mike’s a nice guy until you wake him unexpectedly. 

Andy headed in for the first shower.  I told him not to shut the bedroom door, the one with no knobs, completely.  Oops, he forgot.  I was out in the garage doing laundry when this happened.  Andy snuck out of our bathroom, stole Mike’s cell phone and called Ian from the bathroom.  I like to think I’ve raised boys who are looking out for each other.  Granted, Ian had just seen Andy ten minutes earlier, but still, if your little brother calls you and says in  a whisper, “Ian, listen carefully . . . ” wouldn’t you stay on the line? Not Ian. Andy had to call two more times before Ian would take him seriously that he was trapped in mom/dad’s bedroom.  

:::sigh:::: We finally had to have Andy crawl out through the window which woke Mike.  Uh-oh.  Oh well, our doorknob to that room had always been kind of wonky.  I guess taking the knobs off finally broke it.  Mike pulled out the remaining pieces and tried to glare at all of us, but we were laughing so hard that even he had to smile before heading back to bed.  

So, now you’ve all been warned . . . if you’re trapped somewhere, Ian might not be the first person you want to call.  😉

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